International Business

The International Business program prepares students to successfully operate businesses in today's global economy. It imparts basic knowledge of accounting, marketing, management, and finance and extends this knowledge through classes in global business, multinational finance, international management, and courses on doing business in specific geographic areas of the world. It emphasizes the standard of "learning by doing". Some highlights include:

  • One semester of business course study abroad taken in the geographic location of the student's choice.
  • A summer internship at a multinational company.
  • Experiential learning components which allow students to apply their in-class learning. For example, students in an introductory finance class might work with a local business on its accounting or business plans. Most courses feature case studies where students are required to use their knowledge to solve business problems that have occurred at various companies.
  • A trip abroad for all second-year Cottey students over the first week of spring break paid for by the College.

See also Business and Economics.

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