Angela Moore

Assistant Director of Admission
Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2239

I am a Minnesota-native, 2006 Cottey graduate, a fourth generation P.E.O., and have been working in admissions at Cottey College since 2009.

States I work with: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Why Cottey?

Angela Phillips

I chose to attend Cottey College because of the abundance of leadership activities and how easily I could get involved on campus. I also wanted to move away from home, but yet still live in an environment where I felt comfortable and had a family-like unit (and the suite life at Cottey offered just that!).

I chose to work at Cottey College because, in a nutshell, I wanted to help others gain the same, valuable experience I was offered when I attended Cottey College.

Rural Missouri, really?
Really! I'm from a suburb of Minneapolis and I actually really love living in Nevada - the seasons are gorgeous here and the small-town atmosphere is a nice relief from the chaos of the big city. The other good news? There are plenty of shopping malls within a few hours' drive that allows me to satisfy all of my shopping needs

Women's education: old-fashioned?
No way! Cottey College may be a single-sex institution, but we are as modern as they come, and the fact that men aren't taking classes doesn't even register with many of our students after the first few days. In all honesty, I think the benefits to an all-female learning environment far outweigh any disadvantages. Don't believe me? Then, please, take a second to visit our campus and ask the students themselves!

My thoughts on admissions in one sentence:
I love what I do and I want to get to know you so I can help you make one of the most important decisions of your life!

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