Transfer Checklist

A successful transfer requires preparation!

Define a career goal or course of study

  • Explore interests, skills and values
  • Check out careers through job shadowing or volunteering
  • Meet with your advisor or the transfer and career planning coordinator

Choose a transfer institution

  • Utilize College Source for on-line catalogs
  • Investigate resources in the Academic Assistance Center and on the Internet
  • Visit college campuses or with college representatives

Develop an educational plan for a smooth transfer. Investigate the following:

  • What are the admission requirements for transfer students?
    • required GPA and standardized testing
    • does an AA or AS equal junior class standing?
    • maximum number of credits accepted for transfer
  • Does your major or school of study have additional requirements?
    • prerequisites required before entering a major
    • required GPA
  • What are the graduation requirements for a bachelor's degree?
  • How will Cottey's courses transfer at your 4-year institution?
    • general education/core requirements
      • communication: English and/or public speaking
      • mathematical concepts: college algebra, calculus
      • language proficiency: two consecutive semesters of the same language
      • humanities: English, journalism, languages, philosophy, religion
      • fine arts: art, dance, music, speech, theatre
      • physical and/or biological sciences: astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics
      • social and behavioral sciences: anthropology, business, history, political science, sociology, psychology
      • health and/or physical development: physical education
    • major requirements
    • electives
  • Factors affecting course transfer:
    • similar course and course content
    • course offered at the same level (lower/upper division)
    • grade earned (generally a "C" or better)
    • number of credits granted
  • Keep your Cottey catalog and all course syllabi