Cottey is Confidence

Button-parentsYou're looking for a college where your daughter will thrive, where she will grow intellectually and become the confident, capable woman you know she can be. And you're concerned that it's an education that is within your financial ability. Cottey is that place.

We're a private College founded by women and designed for women. We offer a unique educational setting proven to more than prepare young women to confidently move on to the best academic programs in the country. In the process, our graduates tell us they have some of the most memorable and meaningful experiences of their lives.

Key distinctions of a Cottey education:

all women

Because we're a women's college, young women can focus on their education.  The stress of gender competition is removed.  In classes, the atmosphere is collaborative rather than competitive.  Students have a chance to share opinions and viewpoints.  The result is that young women do better academically.

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Leadership development is an essential part of Cottey's academic program.  All Cottey women are encouraged to participate in the College's formal leadership development programs and also have many opportunities to apply those skills in the classroom and out.

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global view

The experience of traveling and being immersed in other cultures is a potent knowledge and character-building activity.  That's why we've built international travel into the Cottey experience.  All second-year Cottey women travel somewhere in the world.  And we pay for it, with the exception of some meals and ancillary expenses.

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Cottey graduates tell us one of the best parts about their Cottey experience was the camaraderie they had with their fellow classmates and faculty and staff.  A connection that lasts well beyond their stay at Cottey.  It starts with the suite-style campus residence halls -- a kitchen and living room surrounded by single or double bedrooms occupied by 10 to 12 women -- grows during exchanges in our small classes and spills over into a campus social life that is creative, lively, interesting, and loaded with traditions.

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two years and/or four

At Cottey, many students complete their first two years of college here in preparation to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete their degree. The benefits of this approach to education are that students can explore a wide range of subjects without being pressured for a major, and they study with professors solely focused on those first two years of learning. Cottey now offers selected Bachelor of Arts programs: Business, English, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, International Business, International Relations, Liberal Arts and Psychology. Whether your daughter wants to explore a variety of academic offerings on her way to an associate's degree or stay for a unique four-year program with leadership training, internships and a study abroad option, Cottey can offer her a strong academic program.

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Not only are our tuition and fees reasonable, we also offer payment plans, make scholarships and grants available, and provide financial aid packages.  In fact, about 97 percent of Cottey women receive some type of financial assistance.  If you think Cottey is the right place for your daughter, chances are we have a financial package that will work for you.

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