Cottey College is pleased to announce the addition of baccalaureate programs to its already outstanding educational offerings.

    Students may pursue a traditional English major track, OR one that emphasizes women writers. This program offers a unique educational experience by combining a traditional English major with a women’s studies emphasis, encourages study and research, and grounds students firmly in key skills highly valued in the world today: reading deeply, thinking critically, and writing effectively. Students learn to be contributing members of a global society and develop their personal and professional lives of intellectual engagement and thoughtful action as learners, leaders, and citizens.
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Environmental Studies
    This program addresses the need for leaders and doers in the next generation of graduates, with a focus on developing sustainable societies. The program includes the tools required for individuals to enhance the social (cultural), constructed (technological), human (intellectual), and natural (environmental) capital upon which societies depend, so that future generations might encounter circumstances better than those today.
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International Relations and Business
    Recognizing the interrelatedness of our world, both politically and economically, this program provides learning opportunities for students in rural and metropolitan areas in the United States and internationally. A study abroad experience is an important component of this program with students actively engaged in identifying the multiple demands of their professional endeavors for effective, compassionate, and ethical leadership in our global marketplace. Students may pursue a track in international relations or international business.
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    Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. As a psychology major at Cottey, your chances to gain real world learning experiences through internships, undergraduate research, and service learning are almost boundless. A successful internship or service-learning experience provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom learning within the community, to the workplace or in partnership with an organization. With the assistance of faculty and the experiential learning coordinator, psychology majors can find a variety of internship or service-learning experiences. Under the supervision of faculty, students can pursue academic credit on a topic or project that is related to, but beyond the scope of, regular course offerings. For example, students may enroll in Opportunities in Undergraduate Research to conduct a research project and present it at a conference.
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Business Administration - Management
    Cottey’s Business Administration - Management major is a progressive program designed to provide crucial management knowledge about managing professional environments. Students will be assisted in recognizing, cultivating, and ultimately developing needed management skills. The major strongly supports the College’s commitment to women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness.

Liberal Arts
    A Liberal Arts degree from Cottey is perfect preparation for a rapidly-changing world. The interdisciplinary course of study reflects the College’s deep commitment to women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness. Primed with the flexible, adaptable skills developed by the Liberal Arts, you’re ready for any new opportunity the future may hold in store.
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All of Cottey’s Bachelor of Arts programs include a focus on women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness in addition to the specific major requirements. Faculty have developed learning experiences that distinguish Cottey as a leader in women’s education. The Bachelor of Arts builds on the core strengths of Cottey College: an academically challenging environment with leadership opportunities for women, including an international experience, on a close, yet energetic, campus community.

The Bachelor of Arts programs are interdisciplinary. Regardless of which major you choose, you’ll have opportunities each semester to take specific courses that cross the boundaries of your bachelor’s program, particularly courses on leadership and global awareness.

For years, Cottey has offered an international experience for all second-year students over the first week of spring break. The bachelor’s program in International business and relations extends opportunities for travel and study abroad. For example, the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Business has a one-semester study abroad component. As a graduate of Cottey College, you’ll have valuable experience knowing how to do business in that country and understand its political perspective from a personal and practical point of view.

Each program will also have a capstone project in the final semester, which is where you put all that knowledge and experience together to demonstrate the depth of your education. You’ll leave here prepared for graduate school or work as a professional in your field.

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