2020 Academic Showcase

Ethnic Women Writers Creative Projects
First Year Writing Seminar Sections 101-A and 101-B

Rachel Bibey, Devin Howell, Serenity Torkelson, Brina Zoppi

Sarah Andorn, Natalie Hatt, Caroline Little, Elizabeth Mosher
Summer Anderson, Fiona Badley, Lorna Farmer, MaggieAnn Otto, Elizabeth Ruth

Psychology of Women & Gender

After completing a research paper on their topic, students targeted anorganization to praise or criticize, based on an organizational practice regarding gender and/or sexuality.Students then wrote a letter to the organization,using researchbased arguments to encourage theorganization to do better.

Cassandra Ogden

Cheyanne Porter

Christella Jean-Juste

Clelia Cerqueira

Faith Barkley

Tianna Perkins

Trinity Brubaker

Victoria Roosa

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