PSY 101- General Psychology

Chasity Drue: Psychological Concepts for a Better Life



Nicole Keithley: Living Your Best Life with Psychology


Erica Little: Applying the Principles of Behaviorism to Shaping a Child’s Behavior


Riah Stark: How Psychology Can Help You Live Your Best Life



ENV 110- Introduction to Environmental Studies

The final assignment for this class (Introduction to Environmental Studies) is a creative project- which can take the form of poetry, art, a short story, collage, graphic representations, podcast, or a video/voice over with a research presentation. The project must be based on an environmental issue, approach or problem that intersects in specific ways with the contents of the course.

Devin Howell: Fast Fashion: Art

Eden Weatherall: Extinction: A Children’s Story Book

Jayden Lozano: Factory Farms: A Podcast

Jerricho Jonker: Agriculture Culture & Our Forests: A Children’s Story Book

Jewlea Huff: Solar Windows: A Research Project

Madison Woodward: Role of big industries on the environment and climate change: Webtoon Comic Presentation

Morgen Burnett: Hurricane Katrina: Art & Research

Pandora Ondo: Apex Predators: Model

Phoebe Arthur: Orca Whales: Short Story

Rae Stuits: Rewilding Golf Courses: Research presentation

Tori Roosa: Emperor Penguins: Storyboard

SPAN 320- Business Spanish

Maria Olvera & Trinidad Morales Garcia: Mexico vs. U.S. Stock Market

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