Associate Degrees

Students pursuing Associate degrees at Cottey have academic and leadership opportunities uncommon for the first two years of college. Some of the more striking are access to professors, special activities, leadership development, and a unique relationship between the first year and the second year students. For example, first and second year students have opportunities to:

  • explore ideas in small group settings
  • experience science directly with professors,
  • experiment in state of the art labs,
  • practice research guided by professors,
  • attend field trips to such places as the,
    • Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City and
    • Osage Prairie Conservation Area
  • participate in Cottey’s LEO certificate program,
  • experience a first year-second year relationship

Students pursuing Associate degrees at Cottey have the opportunity to become members of Phi Theta Kappa, the academic honor society of Associate granting colleges. Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunities for students to hone research, writing, and leadership skills. The prestige of membership in other Associate level honor societies includes business (Phi Beta Lambda), English (Sigma Kappa Delta), psychology (Psi Beta), and theater (Delta Psi Omega).

Cottey offers four associate degrees, including an AFA degree with three concentrations, each requiring the completion of at least 62 credit hours. All degrees require 30 credit hours chosen from a core curriculum. Beyond the core, students complete specific degree requirements and have opportunities for elective hours. The distribution of degree and elective hours vary among the degrees.

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