Associate in Fine Arts Dance

For the student interested in a career in dance, dance degree programs focus on the development of performers, choreographers and educators, and encourage the emergence of new, diverse and creative dance techniques and styles. Although a college degree in dance is not necessary to perform, it is necessary for those who want to teach dance in college, high school or elementary schools. A dance degree also provides a foundation for those who want to develop a business or career in the arts. Many dance majors explore careers in fitness and the health sciences.

Students from the Cottey Dance Department have gone on to prestigious dance programs at transfer institutions such as Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle, Colombia College in Chicago, Mills College in Oakland, California, Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, and the University of Maryland. Cottey Dance Alumnae are teaching and performing in many cities across the United States.

A Graduate of the Cottey College AFA in Dance Program:

  • demonstrates above-average dance technique and performance quality in a variety of dance styles.
  • demonstrates good working relationships with colleagues to ensure successful, positive experiences in rehearsals and performance.
  • creates dance works with focused concepts and aesthetic quality.
  • integrates ideas across areas of study and experience into her development as an artist.

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Cottey College has an articulation agreement with Missouri Valley College. Students who earn an AFA in Dance Degree at Cottey can transfer to Missouri Valley’ s BA Dance Program with Junior standing and with the Missouri Valley General Education Curriculum considered complete. More information about Dance at Missouri Valley can be found on their page. 



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