Empowering Bachelor’s Degree Programs

As a women’s college, we tailor classes to empower you, an emerging woman leader. No matter what your major, you will learn more about social responsibility and expand your global awareness. You will even have the opportunity to travel to another country!

  • International Trip: The Cottey Experience includes an international trip during Spring Break for all sophomores and transfer students who have earned 24 credits at Cottey. Cottey pays for the traveling and lodging with no extra tuition or fees. Many students go on to study abroad for a semester.
  • Interdisciplinary Programs: Regardless of which major you choose, you will have opportunities each semester to take courses in other disciplines, particularly courses to strengthen your leadership skills.
  • Capstone Projects: All bachelor’s degree programs include a capstone project your senior year. You will put your knowledge and experience together and demonstrate the depth of your education. When you’re finished, you will be well-prepared for graduate school or your first professional job.

All of Cottey’s Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs include a focus on women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness in addition to the specific major requirements. Faculty have developed learning experiences that distinguish Cottey as a leader in women’s education. The bachelor builds on the core strengths of Cottey College: an academically challenging environment with leadership opportunities for women, including an international experience, on a close, yet energetic, campus community.

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs are interdisciplinary. Regardless of which major you choose, you’ll have opportunities each semester to take specific courses that cross the boundaries of your bachelor’s program, particularly courses on leadership and global awareness.

We believe every student deserves a global education, and the best way to do that is to travel to another country. At Cottey, sophomore level students (28-56 credits) and transfer students (after completion of 24 credits at Cottey) will have the opportunity to spend the first week of spring break visiting a European city with classmates and faculty, learning about art, history, science, and culture. There is no extra tuition fee for the trip, and Cottey pays for your airfare and hotel. You’re only responsible for meals, insurance, and incidentals.

Each program will also have a capstone project in the final semester, which is where you put all that knowledge and experience together to demonstrate the depth of your education. You’ll leave here prepared for graduate school or work as a professional in your field.


Biology is the study of living organisms and vital processes. Biologists investigate the structure, function, hereditary, and evolution of all living forms. These life forms are studied at all levels: molecule, cell, organism, and population. Through lab work and field work, biology majors acquire a basic understanding of organisms, their habitats, and the processes that govern their life activities. Biology majors are inquisitive by nature and have a strong desire to understand the world around them. If this sounds like you, you should consider a degree in biology.

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Business Administration-Management

Cottey’s Business major is a progressive program designed to provide crucial management knowledge about managing professional environments. Students will be assisted in recognizing, cultivating, and ultimately developing needed management skills. The major strongly supports the College’s commitment to women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness.

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Criminology as a field integrates the study of the criminal mind, the causes of crime and delinquency, and an understanding of the criminal justice system as well as how criminals are perceived in society. As a discipline, it bridges theoretical and sociological concerns with that of practical applications in the criminal justice system. Cottey College’s Criminology program emphasizes critical thinking through interdisciplinary perspectives rather than vocational training solely in criminal justice. As such, the Criminology curriculum integrates core criminology and criminal justice-focused courses with additional coursework options in sociology, psychology, international relations, political science, and beyond.

Possible Careers: Can lead to career in law enforcement, corrections, justice advocacy, public administration, social work, and research.

Dr. Angela Glosser – aglosser@cottey.edu
Dr. Sarah Quick- squick@cottey.edu

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Students may pursue a traditional English major track, OR one that emphasizes women writers. This program offers a unique educational experience by combining a traditional English major with a women’s studies emphasis, encourages study and research, and grounds students firmly in key skills highly valued in the world today: reading deeply, thinking critically, and writing effectively. Students learn to be contributing members of a global society and develop their personal and professional lives of intellectual engagement and thoughtful action as learners, leaders, and citizens.

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Environmental Studies

This program addresses the need for leaders and doers in the next generation of graduates, with a focus on developing sustainable societies. The program includes the tools required for individuals to enhance the social (cultural), constructed (technological), human (intellectual), and natural (environmental) capital upon which societies depend, so that future generations might encounter circumstances better than those today.

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Health and Biomedical Sciences

Cottey’s health and biomedical sciences pre-professional major is interdisciplinary and designed for students preparing to pursue careers in a variety of fields, including those in medicine, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, and physician assistant. Each of these professions requires further study beyond the bachelor’s degree. The health sciences curriculum is strongly based in the physical and natural sciences to ensure graduates will meet the prerequisites for admission to professional graduate programs and have the ability to excel in these programs and subsequent careers.

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International Business

The International Business program prepares students to successfully operate businesses in today’s global economy. It imparts basic knowledge of accounting, marketing, management, and finance and extends this knowledge through classes in global business, multinational finance, international management, and courses on doing business in specific geographic areas of the world.

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International Relations

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in International Relations (IR) offers students the opportunity to study economic relations among states, war and peace, globalization, global environment, and various forms of discrimination. A student in International Relations also studies Comparative Politics, or politics in each area of the world. Later, she chooses a specific area of the world to study and will spend at least one semester studying there as part of the international experience. After returning to Cottey, she will write a thesis on an issue in the geographic study area. In the thesis, she will include policy recommendations to local, state, or global governance. This program achieves the Cottey goals of global awareness, social responsibility, and women’s leadership.

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Liberal Arts

A Liberal Arts degree from Cottey is perfect preparation for a rapidly-changing world. The interdisciplinary course of study reflects the College’s deep commitment to women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness. Primed with the flexible, adaptable skills developed by the Liberal Arts, you’re ready for any new opportunity the future may hold in store.

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Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary approach to relevant leadership issues in any sector or setting. The major is designed to provide an opportunity for students to study the theoretical and academic aspects of leadership while developing practical skills through the enhancement of individual leadership capacity. The program combines academic coursework with experiential aspects that result in a tangible and applicable understanding of effective leadership. The major is designed to support students as they progress through their careers by emphasizing the role, scope, and effectiveness of women leaders.

Possible Careers: Community Development, Conductor, Educational Administration, Entrepreneur, Event Coordinator, Government Official, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Management Consulting, Military, Non-Profit Management, Organizational Management, Organizational Development, Political Advisor, Project Management, Strategic Planning Consultant, Theatre Director, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Contact: Dr. Carol Clyde Gallagher, cclyde@cottey.edu

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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. As a psychology major at Cottey, your chances to gain real world learning experiences through internships, undergraduate research, and service learning are almost boundless. A successful internship or service-learning experience provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom learning within the community, to the workplace or in partnership with an organization. With the assistance of faculty and the experiential learning coordinator, psychology majors can find a variety of internship or service-learning experiences. Under the supervision of faculty, students can pursue academic credit on a topic or project that is related to, but beyond the scope of, regular course offerings. For example, students may enroll in Opportunities in Undergraduate Research to conduct a research project and present it at a conference.

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Secondary Education

Cottey College’s Secondary Education major is focused on contributing highly effective teachers in the sciences and other fields for grade 9-12. Teachers completing an education degree at Cottey are equipped to adapt to the educational needs of the next generation of students. The Secondary Education program involves interaction with local youth in area high schools through practica and student teaching. Cottey graduates obtain solid teaching preparation as well as depth of study in a given subject area. The baccalaureate degree in Secondary Education offers six certification area options from which students will choose the area to teach: Biology, Chemistry, Business Education, English, Social Science, and Speech/Theatre.

Possible Careers: High school teacher, school counseling, school administration, library services, instructional coordinator, training specialist, etc.

Contact: Dr. Kristina Adams, kadams@cottey.edu

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Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGS) is inherently interdisciplinary, and courses in the major incorporate the threads of women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness. Students take courses across the curriculum; gain practical experience through internships, service-learning, and experiential learning; complete a capstone project; and are well-prepared for graduate school or the world of work.

The major prepares students for many different kinds of careers and post-graduate plans, including non-profit work, social work, public health, law, graduate school, public policy, medicine and health, midwifery, the creative arts, entrepreneurship, religious ministry, and more.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Verklan, everklan@cottey.edu

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