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Spanish at Cottey College is designed to help students develop language skills as well as a cultural appreciation and understanding through a wide range of current societies and cultural histories of the Hispanic world.  It provides students with the knowledge to better understand their own culture and language, to respect cultural diversity, to gain a capacity for critical thinking, and to function as responsible members of a global society.

At Cottey we offer a variety of Spanish courses, many of which include audio elements.  Cottey has a state-of-the-art smart class/language lab providing students the opportunity to practice their language skills.  In addition students receive individualized instruction in our classes.

If you want to immerse yourself in the Spanish experience, Cottey College can help you achieve your goal.

SPA 101
Elementary Spanish I
Structures of Spanish language are learned through aural-oral approach. Stresses creative use of Spanish. Reading and composition skills gradually acquired. Language laboratory assignments coordinated with classroom work. 4 credits

SPA 102
Elementary Spanish II
Prerequisite: SPA101
Emphasizes speaking and understanding through aural-oral study of the structure of the language. Reading and composition skills also acquired. Laboratory assignments coordinated with classroom work. 4 credits

SPA 201
Intermediate Spanish I
Prerequisite: SPA102
Includes a review of grammar, brief cultural readings, exercises in composition, vocabulary studies and limited supplementary readings. 3 credits

SPA 202
Intermediate Spanish II
Prerequisite: SPA201
Further review of grammar, numerous brief cultural readings, exercises in composition, vocabulary studies and limited supplementary readings. 3 credits

SPA 211
Hispanic Literature
Prerequisite: SPA202
Readings of short stories, novels, drama and poetry. Literary works represent Spain or Hispanic America. Lectures, discussion, and oral and written reports. 3 credits

SPA 212
Hispanic Culture and Civilization
Prerequisite: SPA202
Surveys Spanish and Hispanic American history, customs, geography, intellectual and artistic development, and social and psychological realities. 3 credits

SPA 213
Oral Spanish
Prerequisite: SPA202
Develops fluency in speaking and comprehension with emphasis on use of contemporary vocabulary and idioms. Pronunciation included. 3 credits

SPA 214
Spanish Composition
Prerequisite: SPA202
Develops ability in written expression while acquiring new vocabulary and reviewing problematic grammar structures. 3 credits

SPA 220
Medical Spanish I
Pre-requisite: Spanish 102
This course is designed to provide students with medical vocabulary and terminology needed to communicate with and help treat Hispanic patients with limited English proficiency. Students will be exposed to pertinent information about Hispanic cultures. They will also participate in language tasks through listening, reading, writing and conversations in Spanish. 3 credits

SPA 222
Medical Spanish II
Pre-requisite: Medical Spanish I
This course seeks to complete the foundation of the basic skills in medical Spanish. Students will continue improving their Spanish language skills through the systematic and comparative study of medical terminology in Spanish. 3 credits

SPA 230
Legal Spanish I
Prerequisite: SPA 102
This course presents basic legal vocabulary and terminology in different contexts in Spanish. Students will develop basic skills in reading, writing and oral communication. It will focus on cultural issues related to Spanish-speaking individuals faced with matters concerning the law. 3 credits

SPA 231
Legal Spanish II
Prerequisite: SPA 230
This course seeks to complete the foundation of the basic skills in legal Spanish. Students will continue improving their language skills and expand their knowledge of legal terms. Cultural issues that may affect interaction with Spanish- speaking individuals will continue to be a main focus in the course. 3 credits

SPA 320
Business Spanish
Serves as an introduction to the business world in Latin American countries as well as to the interaction between U.S. and Latin American companies and professionals. Readings, journal articles, essays and interviews with business professionals open students to the inner workings of small businesses and large corporations alike. 3 credits

SPA 330
The Chicano Experience
Analyzes Chicano literature from post 1960s to the present, emphasizing major themes such as language, history, culture, identity and religion. Authors read in class include Sandra Cisneros, Ana Castillo, Ruben Martínez, Ignacio Padilla and Gloria Anzaldúa, among others. 3 credits

Contemporary Latin American and Spanish Women Writers
Explores the narrative of contemporary Latin-American/Spanish women writers such as Griselda Gambaro, Ferré, Isabel Allende, Carmen Laforet, Rosa Chacel, Carmen Martín Gaite, Rosa Montero and others, by examining the articulation of gender, race and class relations in different literary genres, and issues related to the women in Latin-American/Spanish society. 3 credits

Afro-Latina Women Writers
Pre-requisite: SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish 2
This class analyzes the literary production of Afro-Latina women writers. It reviews different literary periods and the images those periods created, and how oppression has marginalized the lives of this group. Also, by paying particular attention to race, gender, sexuality, and social issues in different regional contexts, the class will consider how Latin American women authors of African descent critically approach national discourses. 3 credits

SPA 350
Major Authors of Latin America and Spain
Pre-requisite: SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish 2
The course will study the works of major authors from Latin America and Spain through readings of primary sources and an application of theoretical and critical material. Issues of style, gender, ethics, identity, politics and their influence in Hispanic literature. Authors may include; Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Pablo Neruda, Alejo Carpentier, Juan Goytisolo, Jorge Guillén, Federico García Lorca, Luis Cernuda. 3 credits

SPA 360
Spanish Golden Age
Pre-requisite: SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish 2
This course will investigate the main literary movements and the most significant authors of Spanish Literature during the XVI – XVII centuries. The most representative literary works in prose, poetry and drama will be studied. Students will look at the evolution of the different aesthetic concepts and fictional expressions in one of the most important periods of Spanish Literature. They will analyze the relationship between literary fiction and its historic and cultural determinations. 3 credits

Carmen Bourbon, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish
Rubie Burton Academic Center 122
(417) 667-8181, ext. 2182

  • A service-learning trip to Guatemala over the winter holiday
  • Madrid, Spain has been a destination for the International Spring Break Trip, 2005.
  • Students visited Barcelona, Spain for Cottey’s International Spring Break Trip 2012, 2015.
  • As part of Cottey’s Alternate International Educational Trip, students visited Perú during Spring Break, 2016.
  • Cottey College sponsors a Multicultural Fair with food, dance and displays from many nations representing the Campus Community.

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