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Angela Moore Mikayla McGoldrick

Stephanie Grgurich

Enrollment Outreach Coordinator

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2233

Stephanie Grgurich

I’m a Missouri girl from a town not unlike Nevada.  I graduated from Cottey in 2003 and from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, with my B.A. in French in 2005.  I’ve been working in admission since 2007 and joined the P.E.O. Sisterhood in 2010.  I came back to Cottey in 2011!

Why Cottey?
Why not Cottey?  I started to look at Cottey because of the International Experience (I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel to London, or Paris, or Madrid, or…?) but the more I investigated, I discovered that the campus atmosphere, the small class sizes, and the freedom to try new classes and new activities really appealed to me.  I wanted a personalized experience with extraordinary opportunities.  For me, it was perfect.

Rural Missouri, really?
Yeah, for real!  Nevada’s part of the Cottey experience, but so are trips to Kansas City, shopping in Joplin, and exploring the region.  Whether it’s just like where you’re from or it’s the complete opposite, it’s hard to be bored on campus.  Most of what you might miss is close enough to drive to, so it’s really the best of both worlds!

Women’s education: old-fashioned?
Absolutely not!  There’s nothing old-fashioned about a college experience that supports who you are and how you learn!  Women who graduate from all-women’s colleges are happier, more successful, and earn more throughout their lifetimes.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Women’s education has a definite place in the world today.  I encourage you to check out our campus and talk to our students – there’s nothing old-fashioned about it!

My thoughts on admission in one sentence:
Working in admission is definitely fun, but the best part is getting to know you and discovering what’s important to you; it’s a big decision and I’m here to help!

Mikayla McGoldrick

Enrollment Counselor

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2167

Mikayla McGoldrick
I am a part of the Enrollment Management team at Cottey College as an Enrollment Counselor. In May 2017, I graduated from Rogers State University with a degree in Sport Management: Business Option. While at RSU, I was an athlete as well as an Honors Student. Now, I am eager for the opportunity to work in the empowering atmosphere Cottey provides!

Rural Missouri, really? I have called small towns home for all of my life. I grew up in the small towns around Branson, Missouri, even crossing the state line into Omaha, Arkansas. When I went to college, I attended a school in a small town in Oklahoma. There is just something about a small town that has captured my heart! However, if you desire to take a trip to the big city, Joplin and Kansas City are both within easy driving distance.

Women’s education: old-fashioned? Definitely not! I wish I had known more about women’s colleges when I was trying to decide what school to attend. There is something indescribable about being in an environment surrounded by fellow women who desire for you to become your best self. As we all become the best we can individually, we make each other better. If everyone wanted that for each other, just imagine the possibilities for the world.

My thoughts on admission in one sentence: The experiences and growth I gathered in college were some of the best of my life and I would love to help young women find the path to obtain their own.

Angela Moore

Enrollment Management Specialist

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2239

Angela Moore

Alma Mater: Cottey College (A.A), St. Cloud State University (B.A.), American Intercontinental University (M.Ed.)

P.E.O. Affiliation: Chapter BG, Minnesota

Hometown before Nevada, MO: St. Cloud, Minnesota

Rural Missouri, really? Really! I actually really love living in Nevada – the seasons are gorgeous and the small-town atmosphere is a nice relief from the chaos of the big city. The other good news? There are plenty of shopping malls within a few hours’ drive when Amazon just doesn’t cut it!

Women’s education: old-fashioned? No way! Cottey College may be a single-sex institution, but we are as modern as they come, and the fact that men aren’t taking classes doesn’t even register with many of our students after the first few days. In all honesty, the benefits of an all-female learning environment far outweigh any disadvantages. Don’t believe me? Then, please, visit our campus and ask the students themselves!

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