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Madeline Culbertson

Enrollment Counselor

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2138
Email: mculbertson@cottey.edu

Madeline Culbertson

If I were a Cottey student…I would embrace all of the experiences Cottey has to offer and put myself out there to experience new things. Cottey allows young women to experience a once in a lifetime education in a close community with the support of everyone around them.

Favorite spot on campus? The library’s writing center!

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? The determination and encouragement to empower everyone here. Cottey is also an amazing mix of history and contemporary!

Hometown? Nevada, MO

Degree? B.A. Psychology

Best place to visit around Nevada? White Grill

Bucket list item? Visit Venice!

Territories? North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois

Maggie Shouse

Enrollment Counselor

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2133
Email: mshouse@cottey.edu

Maggie Shouse

If I were a Cottey student… I went to Cottey back in 2010 and had such an amazing experience! However if I were a Cottey student today I would take advantage of ALL the amazing opportunities it has to offer.  Cottey provides so many leadership experiences that help students grow and build an awesome resume!

Favorite spot on campus? Raney Dining Room!  The food at Cottey is amazing! The Raney dining room feels like home, not a cafeteria.

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? When I went to Cottey it was the first time in my life I did not feel like I was competing with other women.  I always felt like we were all building each other up to be the best person we could be.  Cottey College is an environment where you can thrive!

Hometown? Naperville, IL

Degree? B.S. in Social Psychology

Best place to visit around Nevada? Kansas City! Kansas City is a fun escape to experience some great museums, food, and some loyal sport fan culture

Bucket list item? Skydiving!!!

Territories? Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Alaska, and Hawaii

Meghan Vincent

Enrollment Counselor

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2137
Email: mvincent@cottey.edu

Meghan_VincentIf I were a Cottey student… I actually was a Cottey student in 2014, but if I were to get to come back as a student today, I would definitely get more involved in the opportunities offered by Campus Activities. In my time at Cottey I frequently attended the shows they brought to campus like magicians, comedians, and musicians – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Knowing what I know now, I’d go on tons of road trips to all of the cool surrounding areas, join in on intramural games, and attend more programs hosted by Cottey community members like paint night with an art student. They do so many things to make campus fun and exciting!

Favorite spot on campus?  That’s a tough one! For me, it would be a toss-up between the window seats in the P.E.O. parlor during a big storm or the swings between Reeves and Hinkhouse soaking in the sun.

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? Community! It’s hard to feel anything but accepted at Cottey. Between suite life, Traditions, and our environment of empowerment and growth, it seems like everyone is really able to find their people and make great connections with, both, their fellow students, and our faculty and staff.

Hometown? Warren, IL

Degree? B.S. in Corporate and Organizational Communication

Best place to visit around Nevada? In town, I’m a sucker for a walk around the lake at Radio Springs. When I have time for a day trip, Joplin is an awesome place to visit whether I’m looking for shopping or nature – they’ve got a little bit of everything only about an hour away!

Bucket list item? My biggest bucket list item was to go to London, and thanks to Cottey – I’ve checked it off!

Territories? Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Rachel Bistodeau

Enrollment Counselor

Phone: 417-448-4536
Email: rbistodeau@cottey.edu

If I were a Cottey student today… I attended Cottey from 2005-2007 and I am so excited to see all the changes and updates that have happened since! If I was a Cottey student today I would take full advantage of the new stock trading lab! It is such a great opportunity to be able to learn about stock trading early in your 20s! I would also take more advantage of the leadership opportunities and the close contact with teachers, I had no idea how unique it was for all the teachers to know my name!

Favorite spot on campus? I have always loved the library and would spend hours there. After the recent renovation, it is definitely my favorite place on campus.

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? The community and size of the school makes it unique. It is the only institution I have found that is so personal, allows so much growth, and pushes you to be a leader. If there is something you have always wanted to learn or try out, Cottey is the place to do it! Also, what other school offers an international experience for all their students?

Hometown? Wickenburg, AZ

Degree? Masters of International Education, Bachelors of Psychology and an Associates of Arts Degree from Cottey

Bucket list item? My travel bucket list would be the Pyramids of Giza and South Africa. My adventure bucket list item is skydiving!

Territories? Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and international students.

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