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Anthropology and Sociology Minors

Anthropology and Sociology Minors


Anthropology at Cottey is unique because of the campus events, field trips, and field work experiences that students incorporate within and beyond the classroom. In every anthropology class at Cottey, students are expected to complete hands-on projects or fieldwork assignments. Whether they are attending a dance class as ethnographers, studying human consumption through restaurant ethnography or artifact analysis, or thinking about food production through gardening—the Cottey program emphasizes learning and analysis through direct experiences. Several students over the years have presented their research projects at regional conferences stemming from Cottey anthropology courses.


The sociological imagination is at the forefront of what Cottey emphasizes in its sociology classes. We strive to encourage life-long learning in students to deepen their understanding of social interactions and group dynamics. Classes emphasize application-based learning that is useable in multiple fields. In addition, at Cottey, sociology is uniquely geared towards students reflecting on women’s experiences within feminist frameworks. Overall, Cottey sociology speaks to a critical attention to diversity. Guest speakers ranging from sociologists, to social activists, to professionals in other fields also create a dynamic learning environment.