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NOTE: Be aware that this site will be updated as we receive information from faculty and shipments from publishers. Because textbook information can change at any time, Cottey College and Cottey College Bookstore take NO responsibility for information used from this site for the purchase of textbooks from any other source.

These six textbooks may be rented at the Cottey College Bookstore for Spring 2019.

For HIS 111 A & B
Hewitt; Larson/Exploring American Histories 9780312409982
Rental Price $30.00

For CSC 101 A
Vermatt/Microsoft Office 2013 Introductory 9781285166025
Rental Price $45.00

For For ECO 201 A
Mankiw/Principles of Economics 9781305585126
Rental Price $60.00

For MAT 103 All Sections
Kaufmann/College Algebra 9781111990367
Rental Price $40.00

For BUS 211 & BUS 212
Needles/Financial & Managerial Accounting 9781133626992
Rental Price $60.00

For PSY 101 A
Myers/Psychology in Everyday Life 4th ed. 9781319013738
Rental Price $35.00

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