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Mission & Goals Of The Student Life Center

The student life staff is committed to the development of the whole person. While the formal academic experience is the centerpiece of collegiate life, the student life staff strives to support and complement the academic program to make it as meaningful as possible. Our primary mission is to assist students in making a successful adjustment to collegiate life.

In order to promote the greatest possible learning and developmental growth of students within our academic community, the staff members are committed to creating an environment that encourages learning, involvement, introspection, maturation, and a balanced lifestyle. To fulfill our mission, we will strive to achieve the following goals:

To Provide Services

  • and resources designed to assist students in making a successful adjustment to collegiate life.

To Increase Awareness

  • of personal, community, and social issues and encouragement to respond to those issues.
  • of different or divergent opinions and ways of life which lead to a better understanding of and tolerance for others.

To Create Opportunities

  • for inquiry and expression on matters of interest to students.
  • to form self-governing student groups that initiate and pursue activities of interest to students.
  • that encourage responsibility, initiative, leadership, good citizenship, and a sense of ethics.
  • that promote personal growth and development.
  • that encourage lifetime health and wellness.

To Offer Activities

  • that promote interaction among students, faculty, staff, and the larger community both on and off campus.
  • that foster an appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity in our global community.
  • that enhance student learning through active participation.

To Conduct Assessment

  • as a means of identifying students’ needs and continuously improving services to meet them.
  • to document the outcomes of student life programs.

The Student Life Center is located on the second floor of Hinkhouse Center. It includes the Campus Activities Office, Health Services, Counseling Services, Housing Office, Diversity and Spiritual Life Office and the Office of Student Life.

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