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Issue Seven, Friday, February 26, 2021

Phi Theta Kappa

President’s Office

Cottey received the following letter from Phi Theta Kappa:

Dear Dr. Jann Rudd Weitzel,

Phi Theta Kappa’s REACH Rewards program recognizes and rewards Phi Theta Kappa chapters that excel in membership development. We created this program because we believe strongly in the mission of Phi Theta Kappa and want as many students as possible to receive the benefits of membership — including scholarships and increased opportunities for engagement with peers and faculty on campus, which lead to higher rates of completion.

I am happy to announce that your Phi Theta Kappa chapter at Cottey College has been named a 2021 REACH Chapter and will receive special recognition in the form of 12 Phi Theta Kappa graduation stoles that will be sent directly to your chapter’s advisor. These stoles can be distributed to chapter officers or members to be worn during graduation and to keep in celebration of their college completion milestone.

Congratulations and thank you for your support in furthering Phi Theta Kappa’s mission of providing recognition and opportunity to students on your campus. The dedication of both you and your chapter advisors to enhancing the college experience and the lives of students amid the numerous challenges 2020 presented is truly appreciated and more important than ever before.

Lynn Tincher-Ladner, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Congratulations to Dr. Ganga Fernando and Robin Conner, sponsors of Cottey College’s Epsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.


Robin Conner

logo for I Love Phi Theta Kappa

Congratulations to the following 32 students who have become eligible to join Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society, for their hard work and dedication throughout the fall 2020 semester. To become eligible, students must have met all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a first- or second-year student, or a transfer student’s first year at Cottey
  2. Taken 15 credit hours in the fall semester
  3. Received a 3.5 semester GPA/Received a 3.5 cumulative GPA

Congratulations to the following 32 student who have become eligible! If you know these students, please congratulate them and encourage them to join. Julia Aguirre, Caley Akiyama, Yanci Aschwege, Aeva Babcook, Chloe Bollin, Mariah Crutchfield, Morgan Douglas, Chasity Drue, Kiana Garcia, Sara Grana, Natalie Hatt, Devin Howell, Greta Hundtofte, Christella Jean Juste, Selena Jimenez, Khloe Kennedy, Karol Knierim, Caroline Little, Caitlyn Morgan, Emma Notick, Maggie Ann Otto, Aryana Palencia, Georgia Phillips, Sabrina Rollins, Camryn Somerville, Mariah Starks, Thalia Steele, Elizabeth Thomas, Eden Weatherall, Jenna Wilson, Baylee Wilson, and Molly Zosel.

COVID Rumors website

President’s Office

Making sure you have the facts about the COVID-19 vaccine is important. The Common Rumors Addressed video combats much of the “disinformation” regarding the COVID vaccination.

Thank you from Alpha Chi

Oindrila Roy

The members and sponsors of Alpha Chi greatly appreciate the campus community’s overwhelming support for our recent fundraiser. We raised enough money to cover expenses toward conference registration for Rose Atukunda, Chido Shamuyarira, and Lucy Wambua at Alpha Chi’s Virtual Convention in April 2021. Lucy and Chido will present their research projects at the conference. You can learn about the various professional development opportunities offered at the Convention here: https://alphachihonor.org/conventions/

Staff of the Year Nominations

President’s Office

Reminder: Staff of the Year nominations are due Monday, March 1. Please send to Becky Penn via campus mail or email bpenn@cottey.edu

National Athletic Training Month

Gracie Pesicka

March is National Athletic Training Month! Gracie will have a decorated office and will post different informational posters outside her office every few days during the month. If you are unsure as to what exactly an athletic trainer is or does, feel free to stop by, ask questions, and get to know your campus athletic trainer!

Season 1 of First-Year Writing Seminar: The Podcast

Sarah Polo & the FWS Curricular Advisory Board

Graphic for the First-Year Writing Seminar podcast

You can now listen to Season 1 of First-Year Writing Seminar: The Podcast, which features a selection of episodes developed by FWS 101 students in Fall 2020. Happy listening! https://cottey.edu/first-year-writing-seminar-the-podcast/

February Extra Mile Award

Jeanna Simpson

Matt Witte and Jesse Starlin are the recipients of the February extra mile award. All of our physical plant employees have been working hard during this wintery month. Matt and Jesse have gone the extra mile and have come in whenever needed over the last several days for the essential hard work in the frigid cold to keep our sidewalks clean and safe for the campus community. We appreciate them and all the physical plant employees every day but especially during the winter months when they keep Cottey safe and warm. They have been quite busy this year and are essential to us each and every day. Thanks to Matt and Jess for going the extra mile! Their names will be placed in the drawing at the end of the year for a fabulous prize.

Black History Month Celebrations

Erica Sigauke

photo of Black History Month display in the Ross Library

February is known as Black History Month. It was officially designated as Black History Month in 1976 by former President Gerald R. Ford to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, together with other important leaders, to make a difference in the history of African Americans in the United States. It is a month to celebrate the achievements and recognize the history and experiences of African Americans. These celebrations reveal some positive events and programs that are uniting people while spreading the power of love, respect, appreciation, and hard work for the common good in our communities. According to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) publications, this year’s theme focuses on The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. This touches on how the family offers a rich tapestry of images for exploring the African American past and present. It has become a tradition in the United States that every February thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students learn about African American History. Cottey College, being the diverse college that it is, is proud to be a part of this celebration. Some African students have been involved in sharing some of their values and cultural heritage with the community as part of the celebration. The spiritual life and campus diversity office staff encourages everyone to join the celebration and promote love, inclusion, mutual dialogues, and respect for one another as good servant leaders. Some educational materials are on display in the Ross Library. In support of Black History Month there was an exhibit featured in the P.E.O. Foundation Art Gallery, slide shows shown during lunch in Raney Dining Room, and a film event held in the Dining Room on Sunday, February 21, 2021. “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~Maya Angelou~

Check Out The Newest Art Exhibit!

Kris Korb

sculpture from Ryan Bredlau exhibit

There is a new, interesting exhibit in the art gallery in the Center for the Arts from now though March 18. Created by Ryan Bredlau, from St. Charles, Missouri, it is somewhat dark and surreal yet has a whimsical playfulness to the composition. He says about the exhibit: “This particular series, for me, has a lot to-do with innocence and loss. Celestial Entities was created in honor of my late son Benjamin who was stillborn at 9 months in 2011. This series of work has been a labor of love and escape for dealing with my grief. Stillborn and newborn loss is a taboo subject for some, but there are a lot of couples who have experienced this loss of a child, but this subject is not talked about or acknowledged in our society as much as I think it should be. This series, Celestial Entities, is dedicated to the little angels and their parents who have had to go through one of the most difficult loses, that of a child.” The gallery is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Issue Six, Friday, February 19, 2021

Cottey Globe Trotter 2021

Margaret Haverstic

Graphic for Globe Trotter website

Would you like an opportunity to indulge your passions for adventure and satisfy your wanderlust? Cottey has premiered a new armchair travel opportunity called Cottey Globe Trotter 2021. Registration to begin your virtual trip is FREE, with the opportunity to make a gift to the Cottey Fund. You will then explore four exciting locations with interesting cultural, artistic, and geographically-related links. Each location will feature image galleries and cuisine connections including recipes and information on significant dishes, as well as, links for further exploration. In addition, each location featured has a Cottey connection that will be explored! These explorations are not comprehensive, but they have been created with the idea that they will serve as a springboard for interest. We hope that they will bring you joy and light the fires of passion for global awareness and understanding. The site will be available February 14 through May 1, 2021. Come adventure with us and become a Cottey Globe Trotter!

Event Manager Scheduling Program

Allison Fast

Event Manager, which we’ll call EvM, is the new calendar and scheduling tool that will be replacing SchoolDude effective Monday, March 1. All events from SchoolDude have been entered into EvM to ensure a smooth transition. On Friday, February 26, the link to SchoolDude will be removed from the Intranet. Also, all the forms for vehicle reservations, dining services and the auditorium/recital hall will be removed from the Intranet. Going forward, they will be accessed in My Cottey from EvM.

There are 3 EvM links on the Cottey Intranet under the Faculty/Staff Portal:

  1. Event Manager (EvM) – Sign In Link. Click this when you’re ready to sign in and use EvM. It is a single-sign-on (SSO) application, which means you will be able to sign on with your Cottey email account as your username and your network password. From the SIGN IN screen, click the “Sign In Using ADFS Login” button at the bottom of the left column to get to the SSO screen. You may ask if we can take you directly to the SSO screen, and we cannot.
  2. The second link, –EvM – Create an Event Instructions is a PDF document with a brief overview of the main screen and detailed written instructions for entering events on the calendar. You should print these instructions, or have them pulled up, before you view the video from…
  3. The third link, –EvM – Create an Event Video. This video, about 23 minutes, goes along with the written instructions.

EvM contains ALL reservable spaces on campus including classrooms, vehicles and many spaces not in SchoolDude. Some spaces will be automatically approved and therefore immediately show on the calendar, while others will require approval. The approval emails will be sent to the person responsible for the space being requested. Events requiring approval will populate on the calendar when approved. This process will be much more efficient for the respective spaces. As with SchoolDude, you will receive confirmation emails for your events.

There are also some new processes that will go along with EvM. These include:

  • Classroom reservations. Except for the science labs, all classrooms can be reserved through EvM. You will no longer need to go through Arlene Good to reserve classroom spaces. As long as they are available, you can reserve them.
  • Vehicle reservations will now be managed in EvM. When you enter a request for a vehicle in EvM you will also have to complete a form in My Cottey. The instructions for creating an event explain how to use the URL in the Additional Information section to navigate to the form in My Cottey. Both the EvM and My Cottey sides need to be completed. To find a vehicle, look for Physical Plant in the Location section and all vehicles are listed there.
  • Dining services requests will originate in EvM. You will be required to fill out a form in My Cottey, depending on your request for catering services or sack lunches.
  • Auditorium or Recital Hall requests will also originate in EvM and have a form in My Cottey.

The purpose of using both EvM and My Cottey is to replace our current paper-based process. Rather than printing a form from the Intranet, filling it out, and sending or giving it to the appropriate person, it will be filled out electronically in My Cottey and directed to the appropriate person for approval on that side. Please refer to the instructions for creating an event for more information.

Please take the time over the next week to read the instructions and view the video to help you learn to use EvM. There is much to be gained from this new system. As with any new system, it will likely be confusing and frustrating at first. Please be patient and give it some time. Do reach out to any of the three administrators for help, especially for using the new forms. Administrators are Allison Fast (2368), Kris Korb (2186) and April Mosher (2150). We will all do our best to make this work for you and the entire campus!

Professional Involvement

Selena Kohel

Dr. Selena Kohel attended the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention, February 9th-February 13th. While there, Dr. Kohel presented “Diversifying the Classroom: An Opportunity for Increasing Creativity, Productivity, and Equality” at the Society for the Teaching of Psychology Pre-Conference. She also served as a mentor, facilitating a conversation on Dealing with Uncertain Paths: Life after Undergraduate School, for a Student Mentoring Lunch.

Coffin Speaker Cancelled

Denise Carrick Hedges

Suzanne Liberty, the Coffin Speaker scheduled to speak to campus on February 24, 2021, has been canceled.

Feminist Majority Foundation raises money for social justice with The Vagina Monologues

Liz Verklan (faculty sponsor), Emily Marsh & Charlie Peterman, FMF co-presidents

Poster for the FMF's production of The Vagina Monologues

On February 13, 2021, Feminist Majority Foundation organized a production of The Vagina Monologues. We donated all of our proceeds to two organizations that focus on marginalized communities. The first, Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet, is dedicated to raising the voices and power of Black women. The second, Kansas City Anti-Violence Project, provides supplies to LGBTQ+ folks who have experienced violence. We raised $290 total, $145 for each organization! This includes our ticket sales as well as donations made by the Cottey community. Eleven students and faculty came to our performance. We had ten students participate in the production. One person was our graphic designer, another controlled the lighting, and the other eight were actors. They memorized monologues, participated in vulva discussions, and went to rehearsals twice a week. We created programs and promotional materials and worked closely with our community partners. We were very aware of the limitations of the play and tried to address some of these shortcomings with our cast. We wanted the message to be that a focus on female-bodied experiences was still very relevant.

Issue Five, Friday, February 12, 2021

January Extra Mile Award

Jeanna Simpson

Jo Byrnes is the recipient of the January Extra Mile Award. Originally scheduled for November 2020, Cottey-in-Motion Dance Company was to perform their fall performance, Reboot. At that time, several members were in quarantine and a few were fourth-year students. As a fourth-year student had mentioned, “so much love, blood, sweat and tears were poured out on the Cottey stage.” They were devastated to miss one of their last performances at Cottey. Through Jo’s efforts, she reorganized the performance for January 29, 2021 when all students were able to participate and show off their talent and hard work throughout fall semester. This is one of many examples showing Jo’s love, kindness, support, and dedication to her dance company, students and our Cottey campus. Student Life thanks you for always going the extra mile.

Publication of Research Findings by Cottey Student, Alumna, and Faculty Member

Jill Compton

“Nanostructured Nickle-Cobalt Oxide and Sulfide for Applications in Supercapacitors and Green Energy Production using Waste Water,” an article co-authored by Cottey student Wadzanai Ndambakuwa, Cottey alumna Yustinah Ndambakuwa, and Cottey Professor of Chemistry Dr. Ganga Fernando, has been accepted for publication in the journal Surface Coating and Technology. The article describes research conducted last summer at the Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University. The cross-institutional authorship team also included researchers from Pittsburg State University’s Department of Chemistry, the University of Memphis’s Department of Physics, and the Integrated Microscopy Center at the University of Memphis. Please congratulate Wadzanai (who is first author on the report!) and Dr. Fernando when you see them on campus!

#ANTHRODAY Feb. 18, 7:30-8:30 p.m. via zoom

Sarah Quick

logo for 2021 AnthroDay

Celebrate Anthropology Day by joining Sarah Quick, Courtney Trautweiler, and Marie Hill who are hosting this event. Learn more about anthropology and the Inuit through two documentary screenings and a short discussion. TIME: 7:30 – 8:30 pm, Thursday, FEBRUARY 18, 2021, VIRTUAL LOCATION: Zoom at Meeting ID: 829 706 8087 CO-Sponsors: Ross Memorial Library and the Anthropology department

Announcing the 2021 Common Reader

Sarah Polo

Flyer announcing common reader for fall 2021

The FWS Curricular Advisory Board is pleased to announce the 2021 Common Reader–The Girl Who Smiled Beads: A Story of War and What Comes After by Clemantine Wamariya and Elizabeth Weil. Students in FWS 101 in Fall 2021 will read the text in connect with the thread of “global awareness.”

Faculty/Staff Meeting

Office of the President

There will be a virtual Faculty/Staff Meeting Thursday, February 18, at 11:00 a.m. Please watch your email for the webinar link.

Sabbatical Research Published

Angela Firkus

cover of Angela Firkus new book

My book America’s Early Women Celebrities has been released by McFarland. I could not have completed it without the generous year-long sabbatical I was granted. Thank you Cottey College!

Mardi Gras

Dr. Mary Mba

poster of French club Mardi Gras celebration

The French club invites you to her 2021 Mardi Gras party on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, from 7 p.m. Join us for a scavenger hunt, trivia games on Kahoot!, socially distanced safe crafts-making, and to watch and discuss the movie, “Mardi Gras, Made in China”. Be sure to check out our displays in the library to learn facts about Mardi Gras so you can do well in the trivia games. Venez nombreuses!

Issue Four, Friday, February 5, 2021

FWS Spring Training Sessions

Sarah Polo

All faculty & staff are invited to attend the FWS Spring Training Sessions. Though designed specifically for FWS 101 instructors, anyone who teaches and/or uses writing in their work is welcome to attend! See flyer for details.

Just Mercy Immersion

Denise Carrick Hedges and Dr. Mary Mba

photo inside The Legacy Museum

We are now accepting applications for the Just Mercy Immersion. Ten selected students will travel by plane April 15-17, 2021 to Montgomery, Alabama to experience The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, and meet with staff at the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). Eligibility: Applicants can be any academic year, but must be baccalaureate-seeking and must have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average. Students will be selected based on their response to Just Mercy (book or film) and their passion for social justice issues. Cost: Airfare, lodging (two to a room), and meal costs for the Exploring Personal and Social Responsibility: Just Mercy Immersion are provided by the Serenbetz Institute. Students may wish to bring spending money to pay for incidental expenses (souvenirs, snacks, etc.). Travel Requirements: Adult passengers 18 and over must show valid identification at the airport checkpoint to travel by plane. All selected students must complete a student travel contract. If you have questions about the Just Mercy Immersion or application process, please reach out to one of us at the email below. Denise Carrick Hedges, director of leadership development, dhedges@cottey.edu or Dr. Mary Mba, associate professor of French and Francophone studies, mmba@cottey.edu

Professor Verklan publishes peer-reviewed article in Feminist Formations

Elizabeth Verklan

Professor Verklan has an article forthcoming in the National Women’s Studies Association’s journal, Feminist Formations. The article “‘Dressed Like a Stripper’: Visualizing Poverty in Ethical Fashion,” will appear in a special issue on poverty, and examines liberal discourses of meritocracy, classism, and racism in popular representations of poor people in US media. The article will be in the Spring 2021 issue.

REBOOT video available

Jo Byrnes

The video of the REBOOT:REBOOT: A Dance Concert from last weekend is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxm7hVzgY18&feature=youtu.be

Issue Three, Friday, January 29, 2021

Theatre Students Compete at The American College Theatre Festival

Laura Chaney

Last fall, the Cottey theatre department produced “Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood” by Adam Szymkowicz and entered the production in The American College Theater Festival. This past week, six Cottey students participated in the festival entering design work and serving on student committees. The following students participated in the festival: Stephanie Crooks-Dramaturgy Emma Louden-Costumes Molly Mahoney-Publicity/Allied Design Charlie Peterman-Stage Management Bronwyn Reagan-Props/Allied Design Maya Struhar-Student Advisory Board We are so very proud to share that the students won a total of 7 awards at the festival: Awarded From Performance at Cottey: Emma Louden: Certificate Recognition of Costume Design Stephany Crooks: Certificate Recognition in Dramaturgy Bronwyn Reagan: Certificate Recognition of Props Bronwyn Reagan: Certificate Recognition Sword Choreography Festival Competition Awards: Emma Louden: DTM Legacy Recognition Molly Mahoney: Outstanding Recognition Publicity Bronwyn Reagan: Outstanding Recognition Randy Lutz Allied Design and Technology Bronwyn will go on to compete in the National Festival which brings together the regional festivals top students to compete for a national award. Please congratulate these students when you see them! They have worked very hard and represented the college, theatre department and themselves with absolute professionalism and we are so very proud of their accomplishments!

Rebooting REBOOT!

Jo Byrnes

Poster for Reboot January concert

We are happy to announce we will reprise the November dance concert, in which only half of the dance company could participate. The REBOOT of REBOOT will be January 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Center for the Arts. Admission is free and no tickets are required. Live audience limited to students and employees of Cottey College and family members of performers. Please wear masks and socially distance. A link to the video of the performance will be made available. For more information contact Jo Byrnes, Prof. of Dance, jbyrnes@cottey.edu, 417-667-6333 x2250.

New Assistant Professor in Speech and Theatre

Dr. Joann Bangs

I’m very pleased to announce that Peter Carver has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre. Mr. Carver has an MFA in Drama and Communications from the University of New Orleans, and an MA in Drama from Texas Woman’s University. His bachelor of arts with a major in Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, and a minor in English is from Stetson University. He has most recently been an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies/Theatre/Mass Communications/English at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Leadership Immersion Award: Exploring Personal and Social Responsibility

Jill Compton

The Leadership Team of the Serenbetz Institute would like to congratulate Dr. Mary Mba and Denise Carrick Hedges for their successful proposal of a Leadership Immersion titled “Exploring Personal and Social Responsibility: Just Mercy Immersion.” They will take up to 10 students to Montgomery, Alabama, to experience the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, the Legacy Museum, and to meet with staff from the Equal Justice Initiative. This Immersion was inspired by this year’s FWS Common Read, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Dr. Mba and Ms. Hedges will be providing information soon regarding how students can apply to be a part of this Leadership Immersion experience.

Issue Two, Friday, January 22, 2021

Published Article

Dr. Jackie Lordo

Dr. Jackie Lordo’s article, “The Development of Music Expertise: Applications of the Theories of Deliberate Practice and Deliberate Play,” was recently accepted for publication in Update: Applications of Research in Music Education. Update is a peer reviewed online-only journal that brings research in music teaching and learning close to everyday practice to help teachers apply research in their music classrooms and rehearsal halls. Dr. Lordo’s article should be available this spring.

Rebooting REBOOT!

Jo Byrnes

Poster for Reboot January concert

We are happy to announce we will reprise the November dance concert, in which only half of the dance company could participate. The REBOOT of REBOOT will be January 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Center for the Arts. Admission is free and no tickets are required. Live audience limited to students and employees of Cottey College and family members of performers. Please wear masks and socially distance. A link to the video of the performance will be made available. For more information contact Jo Byrnes, Prof. of Dance, jbyrnes@cottey.edu, 417-667-6333 x2250.

December Extra Mile Award

Jeanna Simpson

Tracy Farrales is the recipient of the December extra mile award. We want to thank Tracy for her outstanding commitment, dedication and going the EXTRA MILE for our Cottey College students, staff and faculty! It was reported that, “often times I may not know who to ask, but Tracy always knows the answers! She is my go to person and is always willing to help with kindness, patience, and a positive attitude. Her humor and smile always makes the day better.“ We are lucky to have her on our Cottey team! Student Life greatly appreciates you!

Service Center

Todd Hefner

In the coming weeks, Cottey will be hiring a replacement for John Shopper, who managed the Service Center for many years. The process began in December and interviews will commence this week. We are hopeful to have someone in place in a few weeks.

In the interim period, the functions of the Service Center will be operated between the Physical Plant and the Marketing department. The following adjustments will take place until someone is hired.

  1. The hours of the service center will be adjusted to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  2. The area will not have staff present during all operating hours. Contact information will be placed inside the room for any questions you might have.
  3. All incoming mail and packages will be handled and distributed like normal by Physical Plant staff.
  4. All outgoing mail will be processed each afternoon by the Marketing department.
  5. Office supplies and paper will continue to be sold from the area.
  6. The machines inside the area will be available for use by employees. Instructions have been left near each machine. We do ask that if you are not comfortable operating a machine please don’t use it.

We do not anticipate any disruption to normal mail or packaging service. We hope to have John’s replacement hired soon and will make an announcement when that occurs.

Issue One, Friday, January 15, 2021

Continuing Education

Jo Byrnes

Jo Byrnes attended a one-day virtual training, “YogaFit YogaBarre” on January 6, 2021.

Rebooting REBOOT!

Jo Byrnes

Poster for Reboot January concert

We are happy to announce we will reprise the November dance concert, in which only half of the dance company could participate. The REBOOT of REBOOT will be January 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Center for the Arts. Admission is free and no tickets are required. Live audience limited to students and employees of Cottey College and family members of performers. Please wear masks and socially distance. A link to the video of the performance will be made available. For more information contact Jo Byrnes, Prof. of Dance, jbyrnes@cottey.edu, 417-667-6333 x2250.

Welcome Hannah!

Stephanie Beason

photo of Hannah Bridges assistant softball coach

The members of the athletic department are pleased to welcome back to Cottey one of our own, Ms. Hannah Bridges, as the new assistant softball coach.

Hannah played softball at Cottey for two seasons beginning in 2016. She graduated with an Associate in Science degree before transferring to Arkansas Tech University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in fisheries and wildlife science and a minor in biology.

Hannah was a standout student-athlete during her two seasons. She helped the Comets softball team win its first of two National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Region XVI Titles. She ranks as one of the all-time great Comets with two of the best five seasons in school history for hits. Hannah also ranks fourth all-time in doubles; third in career hits; second in runs scored; second in runs batted in (RBI), and second in home runs. Hannah is also the only Comets softball player to win the NJCAA National Player of the Week honor after hitting two homeruns in the Comets first-ever Region Championship game including a game-tying homerun in the last inning.

Please join us in welcoming Hannah back into the Comet family!

New Exhibit in the Art Gallery

Kris Korb

African portrait from current art exhibit at Cottey College

There is a new exhibit in the art gallery in the Center for the Arts which you should stop by and view. Created by Oluwatobi Adewumi, it is entitled “Facialogue: Dialogue with the African Faces.” Otobi was born in Nigeria and now lives in McNeil, Arkansas. He says about the exhibit: “I wanted to create a body of work that shows some of the cultural practices as African tribal marks, face painting, style, fashion, hairstyle, and some conceptual faces to start a conversation. Questioning and learning why they do most things in the past and the future. There is a saying that nothing is really new under the sun. It’s about learning from the past, confronting the present, and educating the future.” The exhibit runs through February 11.

Winter Workshop

Theresa Spencer

Theresa Spencer, professor of music, attended the virtual NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Winter Workshop held from Jan 8-10 titled “Moving Forward: Singing, Teaching, and Self-Care during COVID-19”. It was an intense three days covering topics such as: Leveraging Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Awareness to Reduce Stress and Enhance Your Holistic Wellbeing; Successful Treatments for Painful Online Pedagogy; An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Voice Care; Addressing the Stigma of Voice Surgery; and Beyond Technique: The Science and Art of Communication.

On December 14, 2020, Theresa also viewed a webinar called “So You Think You Can Belt?” by Jeannie LoVetri founder of the Lovetri Institute for Somatic Voicework. The evening gave an overview of vocal pedagogy as it relates to belting. Jennie then worked with a professional belter on how to keep the voice in shape. She then work worked with someone completely new to belting on how to make the sound in a healthy way.

Congratulations to the Highest Achieving Suites

President’s Office

At the end of each term, the Registrar runs the cumulative GPAs for the suites, including all commuter/virtual students as one group. Any suite/group that earns a 3.5 or greater cumulative GPA for that term is recognized with a certificate for that suite, and the state/district/group that sponsors that suite/group is notified so that information can be shared via its social media. Additionally, the suite/group that earns the highest GPA overall is recognized by having its name added to a plaque that is displayed in RBAC.

Last fall, despite the unusual circumstances caused by COVID-19, six suites earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater: Wheatlake Suite (Robertson Hall), Cal-Remy Suite (P.E.O. Hall), Illinois Suite (P.E.O. Hall), Iowa Suite (P.E.O. Hall), Washington Suite (Reeves Hall) and Ohio Suite (Reeves Hall). The suite recognized for the overall highest GPA for spring 2020 was Wheatlake. Congratulations!

  • Wheatlake Suite: Robyn Cook, Mackenzie Green, Katie Caveness Ingram, and Ashton-Kate Veal
  • Cal-Remy Suite: Anthoinette Ba-Innimayeh, Zadi Lively, Caroline Little, and Jazzmin Miller
  • Illinois Suite: Julia Aguirre, Maraki Berhe, Mihret Ketema, and Lightness Ndalima
  • Iowa Suite: Virginia Nordin, Sara Grana, Christella JeanJuste, Karina Gchachu, Haley Lockwood-Peterson, Sidnie Martin, and Caitlyn Morgan
  • Washington Suite: Ebony Conley, Mackenzie Becker, Maya Struhar, Claire Shannon, Phoebe Arthur, Faith Barkley, and Skylar Chappell
  • Ohio Suite: Cheyanne Porter, Dharma Hopkins, Holly Spinden, Baylee Wilson, Lucy Wambua, Sophia Larson, and Rae Stuits

Students, congratulations for your hard work and dedication to your studies.

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