College Offices

The College’s general mailing address is:
Cottey College
1000 W. Austin
Nevada, MO 64772

Academic Records
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2125
Fax: 417-448-1030
Order Transcript
E-mail: agood@cottey.edu

Alumnae Relations
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2122
E-mail: alumnae@cottey.edu

Athletic Department
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2237
Fax: 417-448-1055

Blanche Skiff Ross Memorial Library
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2153
Fax: 417-448-1040
E-mail: library@cottey.edu

Business Office
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2123
Fax: 417-448-1001

Enrollment Management
Toll-Free: 888-5-COTTEY
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2107
Fax: 417-448-1025
E-mail: admit@cottey.edu

Financial Aid
Phone: 417-448-1445
E-mail: financialaid@cottey.edu

Human Resources
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2103
Fax: 417-448-1060
E-mail: dtaylor@cottey.edu

Institutional Advancement
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2120
Fax: 417-448-1015
E-mail: advancement@cottey.edu

Institutional Research
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2171

Kolderie Center (formerly the Academic Assistance Center)
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2168

Marketing and Strategic Communications
Phone: 417-448-1414
E-mail: marketing@cottey.edu

P.E.O. Relations
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2122
E-mail: peorelations@cottey.edu

Physical Plant
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2155
Fax: 417-448-1010

President’s Office
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2111
Fax: 417-448-1000

Serenbetz Institute for Women’s Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Global Awareness
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2116

Student Life Center
Phone: 417-667-8181 ext. 2126
Fax: 417-448-1020


Jann Rudd Weitzel

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joann Bangs

Vice President for Administration and Finance

TJ Tubbs

Director of Advancement and Alumnae Relations

Christi Ellis

Vice President for Student Life

Landon Adams

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

David Heringer

Director of the President’s Office/Secretary to the Board

Heather Browne

 Chair of the Faculty

Jo Byrnes

Fine Arts Division Chair

Theresa Spencer

Humanities Division Chair

Kathryn Pivak

Science and Mathematics Division Chair

Kathy Taylor

Social Sciences Division Chair

Julie Tietz

Board of Trustees


Grace Chalker, Ohio


Kathryn Bayne, Maryland


Diann McChesney, Connecticut

Lydia Bangert, Michigan

James Bickel, Missouri

Joan Braddock, Alaska

Cheryl Denslow, Colorado

Georgann Douglas, Texas

Jack Ewing, North Carolina

Tamara Kenworthy, Iowa

Hope Zoeller, Kentucky

Ex-Officio members

Brenda Atchison, California

Patricia L. Brolin-Ribi, Idaho

Jann Rudd Weitzel, Missouri

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