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The 2018 Comets Cross Country Team

2018 Cross-Country Team
Clockwise from top: Keahlani Keene, Sophie Weiss,  Christi-Anne Beatty, Nina Campos,  Hannah Pearson, Nedra Gallegos, Angela Jordan

2018 Cross Country Schedule

Date Name Location Results
9/14 Viking Invitational at Grand View University Des Moines, IA 6 out of 7
9/29 Cottey College Invitational (5k Women/8K Men) 9 a.m. Nevada, MO* 3 out of 7
10/13 Little Rock Invitational at University of Little Rock Arkansas Little Rock, AR No Team Score

NAIA Mid-States Classic at Southwestern College

Black Squirrel Timing – Live Feed Finishing Times

Winfield, KS 21 out of 24
10/27 Ozark Christian Joplin, MO No Team Score

* Frank E Peters Golf Course

2018 Times

Name Viking Invt. Cottey Invt. Little Rock Mid-States Ozark Christian
Christi-Anne Beatty 30:43 21:18 20:31 20:34 20:34
Nina Campos 25:14 23:22   23:52  
Nedra Gallegos 25:01 22:19 22:56 23:42  
Angela Jordan          
Keahlani Keene          
Hannah Pearson 23:42 22:29   22:49  
Sophie Weiss 27:14 24:53 24:13 24:30 24:53

In the News

Last Chance Meet

naia mid states

Saturday saw the Comets Cross Country 2018 campaign come to a close at Ozark Christian’s Last Chance Meet with a huge victory by Christi-Anne Beatty (Jr, Lakeside, KY). This was the first time in her running career to win a race. “From where Christi-Anne came from to now, it was a great way to end her colligate cross country career. Athletes talk about going out on top and with all that Christi-Anne has accomplished this win was the cherry on top,” said Coach Tony Skiles. Christi-Anne led the women’s race from wire to wire. “It was very exciting to see Christi-Anne take the lead for the first time in her career and see her will-power to not give it up,” said Coach Skiles.

Last Chance Meet

The Comets only ran two athletes, the other being Sophie Weiss (So, Riverside, CA). “Sophie came into Cottey as a walk on with the Cross Country team. Her hard work and determination earned her student-athlete scholarship,” said Coach Skiles.  The Comets will take a small break until the beginning of indoor track season. The track season will start on December 8 as they head to the Crimson & Gold Invitational at Pittsburg State University.

NAIA Mid-States Classic

naia mid states

     The Cottey College Comets cross country team headed to Southwestern College on Saturday, Oct 20th for the NAIA Mid-States Classic. This is a first for the Comets since joining NAIA by facing 23 other NAIA teams. “This race was placed on the schedule, so we can see where we stand with other NAIA schools” said Coach Tony Skiles. This course was a fast course, four athletes broke 18 minutes and fifteen broke 19 minutes in this 5k race. “I had a very young team comprised of mostly freshmen step on the line. I was hoping for a little bit of a different outcome, but we were here to see what we needed to work on and that is exactly what we walked away with knowing. We have a lot to work on, but now we can return next year stronger and better prepared,” said Coach Skiles. Once again, Christi-Anne (JR, Lakeside, KY) led the Comets. She had a time of 20:34 and finished 63 out of 188. Next Saturday the Comets will be heading to Joplin for the Ozark Christian Invitational. Results.

naia mid states naia mid states

Little Rock Invitational

Little Rock Invitational

The Comets came off a successful home meet and headed to University of Arkansas Little Rock. This is where the Comets have meet their toughest competition so far, seeing a field of NCAA D 1 and NCAA D 2 competitors. Being short handed for the race the Comets executed Coach Skiles plan to a T. “At the beginning of the season, the goal that we set for ourselves was to get better with each race,” said Coach Skiles. Christi-Anne Beatty (JR, Lakeside Park, KY) ran a career and a season best with a time of 20:31. “It is very exciting to see Christi-Anne improving with every race she runs,” said Coach Skiles.

The Comets other two runners Nedra Gallegos (FR, Syracuse, KS) and Sophie Weiss (SO, Riverside, CA) ran 22:56 and 24:13. “Watching Sophie, go from running in the high 20s last year to 24:13 on Saturday has been an enjoyment to see her excel and grow as a runner, student, and a person,” said Coach Skiles. Next weekend the Cottey College Comets, head down to Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas for the NAIA Mid-State Classic. Results

Little Rock Invitational Little Rock Invitational

Cottey College Invitational

Cross Country Start Cottey Invitational

Cottey College Cross Country team hosted their first ever co-ed invitational, turning out to be the largest cross country event in school history. This invitational brought in middle schools, high schools, and several colleges from the surrounding areas and we saw 338 runners altogether. The course ran very fast and saw a lot of personal best. Christi-Anne Beatty (JR, Lakeside, KY) led the Cottey team with an 11th place finish and a personal best time of 21:18. “Christi-Anne ran a great, smart race. After all of the hard work that she has put in and seeing how well she ran this home meet makes it very exciting to see how she finishes up her last year here at Cottey College” said Coach Skiles. 

Number 17 Nina Campos Cottey Invitational

The young Comets got to race against other colleges, the Alumnae team, and the unique opportunity of facing Cottey’s own staff team. “It was exciting to see our young team run against the team from the past and against staff. It was a good feeling to have everyone out there and enjoying themselves“ said Coach Skiles. Hannah Pearson (FR, East Bend, NC) and Nedra Gallegeos (FR, Syracuse, KS) both finished respectively second and third on the Cottey team. “Seeing them run the way they did at this home meet and also running a two minute season best, makes me believe they have a bright future here at Cottey College” said Coach Skiles. The next race for the Comets is at Haskell Indian Nations University on October 6 at 10 am. Results 

Viking Invitational

The Cottey College Comets Cross Country team traveled up to Grandview University for a meet this past  Friday night.  The team was led by Hannah Pearson (FR, East Bend, NC).  The race started at 5:30 p.m. and the temperature at the start was in the mid 80’s, something these young Comets are not used to due practice being held at 6 a.m. every day. Nedra Gallegos (FR, Syracuse, KS) and Nina Campos (FR, Independence, MO) were the second and third finishers on the team. “This is a very young  team. I know that this race does not show who we are yet, but with more hard work and continued improvement each week we will get where we need to be by the end of the year. The heat played a major factor in the times we ran and of course there were first ever college race nerves,” stated Coach Tony Skiles. Entering his second year at Cottey College, Coach Skiles looks to use this year to build a foundation for a successful future for the Cross Country team. “I understand we will be going through a lot of growing pains and each growth will lead us to be successful in the long run,” explained Coach Skiles. Rounding out the top was Sophie Weiss (SO, Riverside, CA) and Christi-Anne Beatty (JR, Lakeside, KY). “Christi-Anne is our top returner; however, she is just coming back from a slight injury so I had her do this race as a workout which she executed just beautifully. I am hoping for a healthy race for her in two weeks,” said Coach Skiles. Sophie has improved her time by over two minutes from last year.  “I am very happy with Sophie. This is only her second year running in cross country to see her grow and improve is exactly what I love most about coaching,” stated Coach Skiles. The Cross Country Comets next race will be the Cottey College Invitational at Frank E. Peters Golf Course in Nevada, Missouri on September 29th.

Team Finish 6 out of 7

  • Hannah Pearson: 23:42
  • Nedra Gallegos: 25:01
  • Nina Campos : 25:14
  • Sophie Weiss: 27:14
  • Christi-Anne Beatty: 30:43

 Full Result of the race

Up Next:
Cottey College Invitational at Frank E Peters Golf Course start time 9am

National Championship

A new era of Cottey Cross Country team started with the hiring of Coach Anthony Skiles. The cross country team began pre-season in August. This is where the first chapter of this era begins. That chapter came to the end on Saturday with Tori Keahler (Jr Vancouver, WA) and Christi-Anne Beatty (Jr Lakeside Park, KY) running at NJCAA National Championship in Fort Dodge, Iowa hosted by Iowa Center College. These young ladies ran against three hundred and nine of the nation’s best runners on a brisk, cold day. “I am proud of both of these young ladies. They gave their all and I could never ask for any better finish to such a great year,” said Coach Skiles. Tori finished this season with a course best time of 19:53. She placed 74th overall. The last time Tori ran this course was two years ago before an injury that took her out for a whole year. “This was the perfect way to end my Cottey Cross Country career on a course that gave me a lot of great memories from the last time I was here,” said Tori. Christi-Anne represented the youth of the Cottey team at Nationals where she ran 22:03 and finished 218th. This was her first time at Nationals and the first time she ran against over three hundred runners. “She held her ground and never gave up and kept on moving forward,” said Coach Skiles. This was a great way to end the first chapter of what looks likes to be a successful program.


Season Recap

Throughout the year, Coach Skiles would set goals with the team for each meet they were to attend. Some of the goals would range from going out hard and hanging in with that group to finishing hard and strong. The team would wake up at 6am every day so they can get to their classes on time. “I know 6am practice or even getting up at 6am is never fun, but the young athletes get there every day, work hard, and that is all I ask of them” said Coach Anthony Skiles.

NJCAA Region 16 Championship

October 27, 2017

Christi-Anne Beatty and Tori Kehler

At today’s NJCAA Region 16 Championship meet hosted by Cottey College the young Comets had to use everything they had to try and hold off Longview CC. Led by Tori Kehler (SO Vancover WA), the Lady Comets came in second in the race.  During the race Christi-Anne Beatty (FR Lakeside Park KY), Sophie Wiess (FR Riverside CA) and Keahlani Keene (SO Acoma Pueblo NM), all ran their season best. “These young ladies have worked so hard to get to where they are at. This was a great start to something special,” said Coach Skiles.

The Comets did have to two athletes Tori and Christi-Anne both place second and third earning an All-Region. They will be representing Cottey College at Nationals on November 11, which is hosted by Iowa Central CC in Fort Dodge Iowa starting at noon. The ladies will take on the best in the nation at the JUCO level.

Individual Times

Tori Kehler 20:08
Christi-Anne Beatty 21:55
Hannah Cameron 24:20
Maria Huertas 26:19
Sophie Weiss 26:53
Keahlani Keene 28:53

Ollie Isom XC Invitational

October 16, 2017

In our last meet before Region 16 Championship, the Lady Comets headed to Butler Community College, to see where they stand among other JUCO (Junior College) schools. The young squad was without their top runner, Victoria Kehler (JR Vancouver WA). She was resting her for next week’s race. Christi-Anne Beatty (JR Lakeside Park KY) led the team with a season best time of 22:32. “It was nice to see how the team would react without Victoria,” stated Anthony Skiles. The Lady Comets saw some of the best teams in the nations at the JUCO level. “We are young and for us to see where we are ranked against other schools in the same classification, helped direct us in how to improve ourselves,” said Keahlani Keene (SO Acoma Pueblo. Hannah Cameron (SO Twin Falls, ID) worked very hard to finish second on the team with a time of 24:51. “Every race has different ways to test a team and these races really tell us who we are as a team. We have a bright future if we keep up the hard work,” expressed Coach Skiles. Come out and support the Lady Comets when they take on region rivals MCC Longview at Frank E. Peters Golf Course at 5pm on October 27. The race starts at 5pm.

University of the Ozarks Invitational

October 7, 2017

After coming off three weeks of hard training, Tori Kehler (Jr Vancover WA ) led the Comets to a fifth place finish with a time of 20:06. Tori was top colligate athlete in whole race. “Tori has been working hard to finish her last year at Cottey College on top after being injured last year” says Coach Anthony Skiles. Arkansas Tech, a NCAA Division II, team took home the top team spot. Christ-Anne Beatty (Jr Lakeside Park KY), finished second on the team with a time of 22:57. Followed by Hannah Cameron (So Twin Falls), Maria Huertas (Fr Granada, Spain) and Kehlani Keene (So Acom Pueblo NM) who all ran a season best. “Each week we want to improve from the last race, so when it comes time for championship running, we will be able to run our fastest” expressed Tori. “We have been working very hard, every morning at 6am so we can reach our team goals,” said Coach Skiles. Next meet for the XC Comets of Cottey College is at Butler Community College in Kansas on October 16.

Individual Times at University of the Ozarks

Tori Kehler 20:06
Christi-Anne Beatty 22:57
Hannah Cameron 24:14
Maria Huertas 26:17
Keahlani Keene 29:03

College of the Ozarks Meet

September 9, 2017

Today, the Lady Comets went down to the College of the Ozarks to take on a course that may be their biggest challenge of the year. The Comets put themselves in the middle of the race so they would have a chance to be successful. Christi-Anne Beatty (Junior, Lakeside, KY) led the Comets through the first mile, but it was Tori Kehler (Junior, Vancouver, WA) who came away with the medal as a top ten finisher. This was her first medal of the year. “We had a goal coming into today’s race to be more aggressive than last week, explained Coach Tony Skiles. They were more aggressive, with everyone on the team coming through at the mile and two mile marker faster than last week. College of the Ozarks walked away as the top team and the Comets finished fourth. “Walking away from a challenging course, with improvement, will give us more confidence for the next race,” said Coach Skiles. The Comets are off until October 7 then they will head to the University of Ozarks.

Watch highlights

SBU Invitational

September 2, 2017

Today, Cottey College Comets Cross Country team traveled to Southwest Baptist University for a show down against eight NCAA Division II colleges. It took the team a little bit to get going, due to being a less experienced team. Three out of the five runners who finished today have never previously been on a cross country team. Finishing the race was a good sign for things to come. “For their first race in their young career, these ladies held their ground very well. There is still a lot of work to be done before Regional’s, but I know they will to reach the goals we have,” remarked Coach Skiles. Tori Kehler, third year student at Cottey College led the team with a 5k time of 22:02 and finishing 55th overall in the race. “After coming back from not racing in over a year due to injury it was good to see Tori lead the team and finish strong,” said Coach Anthony Skiles. Finishing behind Tori was Christi-Anne Beatty. Christi-Anne was with Tori for most of the race until Tori pulled away right at the end “I am proud of every one of them for waking up at 6 am for practice and racing after only two weeks of training. This was a ‘big boy’ race for them and they did not give up,” cited Coach Skiles. Next the Comets will head down to College of the Ozarks to square off against some NAIA teams.

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The 2018 Comets Track Team

2018 Track Team

Indoor Track Schedule 2018-19

12/8/18Crimson & Gold Invitational Pittsburg State University
1/19/19Highland Invitational Highland CC
2/1/19UCM Relay University of Central of Missouri
2/9/19Scottie Classic Highland CC
2/15/19UCM ClassicUniversity of Central of Missouri

Outdoor Track Schedule 2018-19

3/15-16/19Rhodes Invitational Rhodes College
3/23/19ESU Spring Open Emporia State University
4/6/19SBU Bearcat Invitational Southwest Baptist University
4/13/19Darrel Gourley InvitationalWilliam Jewell University
4/19/19Mules Relays University of Central Missouri

In the News

On December 8, 2018, the Cottey College Track and Field Team headed down to Pittsburg State University for their first meet of the year. The team saw two events that were competed for the first time in school history. Jazzmin Miller (FR, Independence, MO), kicked off the Comet’s 2018-2019 season by running a school record in the 60 meter with a time of 9.08 sec. “For being her first 60 meter race ever, there is a lot of room to improve and it gives us plenty of time to help her improve,” said Coach Tony Skiles. Jazzmin would place her name in the Cottey Athletic record books, yet again, in the long jump event. Jazzmin jumped a school record of 3.17 meter (10’ 05”). “This was the first time for Cottey College to have a jumper and a first for Jazzmin having never jumped before. Jazzmin has a bright future in the long jump. When she approached the board on her last attempt, she looked strong. She will be very competitive in long jump, now and in the future, with just a little more work” said Coach Skiles.

The Comet’s throwers are Dawn Wood (JR, Eldon, MO) and Kiara Williams (FR. Lafayette. LA), both became the first athletes to throw weight in indoor track. “Both young ladies were nervous and did not know what to expect, but they shook out their nerves quickly. I could not have been any more proud of them trying something new and doing their best. Dawn set the new school record at 6.1 meter (20’). Both young ladies also threw shot put, in which Kiara led the team with a school record of 10.45meter (34’ 03”). “Kiara looked very comfortable in the shot put. Doing that well this early in the year indicates a chance of her doing great things here at Cottey,” said Coach Skiles. 



The last event on the track for the Comets was the 3000 meters. Coming fresh off a great cross country season where she won her first race, Christi-Anne Beatty ( JR, Lakeside Park, KY) didn’t lose a beat. She had never run a 3000 meter or indoor race before; however, Christi-Anne looked like she belonged with them. She finished ninth out of twentieth with a time of 11:30. “That was the most complete race, from start to finish, that I have seen Christi-Anne run. She did not back down when the race started to pick up.Seeing her have confidence and will the power to hang in when the race got hard is exactly what distance racing is all about,” said Coach Skiles. “This is just the beginning. The  Comets have a lot of areas to work  on and improve, but with hard work and the drive to make our mark we will get better with every race,” said Coach Skiles. The Comets are on winter break from December 14 to January 3rd, so the next time for them to take to the track will be on January 19th at Highland Community College.


Jazzmin Miller:

  • 60 meter 9.08 sec
  • 200 meter 32.72 sec
  • Long Jump 3.17 m (10’ 05”)

Kiara William:

  • Shot Put 10.45 m (34’03)
  • Weight: No Mark

Dawn Wood:

  • Shot Put 7.62 m (25’)
  • Weight: 6.10 m (20’)

Christi-Anne Beatty:

  • 3000 meter 11:30

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