Cottey Comets 2019 Volleyball Team

2019 Volleyball Schedule

8/28Oklahoma Wesleyan University6 p.m.Bartleville, OK
8/30Central Christian11 a.m.Manhattan, KS
8/30Manhattan Christian College3 p.m.Manhattan, KS
8/31Southwestern College10 a.m.Manhattan, KS
8/31Ozark Christian College4 p.m.Manhattan, KS
9/3Ozark Christian College6:30 p.m.Nevada, MO
9/7Southwestern College10:30 a.m.Nevada, MO
9/7Stephens College2:30 p.m. Nevada, MO
9/10Manhattan Christian6:30 p.m.Nevada, MO
9/12Lindenwood University6:30 p.m.Nevada, MO
9/17College of the Ozarks6:30 p.m.Nevada, MO
9/20Silver Lake College7 p.m.Lincoln, IL
9/21Lincoln Christian9 a.m.Lincoln, IL
9/21Crowley Ridge College11 a.m.Lincoln, IL
9/28Harris Stowe University2 p.m.Nevada, MO
9/28Bethany College6 p.m.Nevada, MO
Haskell Indian Nations University
7 p.m.Lawrence, KS
10/4Oklahoma Wesleyan University6:30 p.m.Nevada, MO
10/11Crowley Ridge College5 p.m.Lincoln, IL
10/12Lincoln College12 p.m.Lincoln, IL
10/12Fisk University3 p.m.Lincoln, IL
10/18Crowley Ridge College5 p.m.Paragould, AR
10/19Central Baptist2 p.m.Conway, AR
10/19Dallas Christian Univ4 p.m.Conway, AR
10/22Ozark Christian College6:30 p.m.Joplin, MO
10/30Avila Univ6:30 p.m.Nevada, MO
11/12Avila Univ5:30 p.m.Kansas City, MO
11/14-11/16AII Conference TournamentTBALincoln, IL

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