Naming Opportunities

A gift to the Cottey Chapel and Student Center initiative is an opportunity to enhance the Cottey experience for students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus. Your gift also presents a unique opportunity to be personally recognized or to honor a family member or friend by including their name on a designated space in the Chapel or Student Center.

$500,000 –Student Center (reserved)
$250,000 –East Terrace Amphitheater (reserved)
West Multi-Tiered Terrace (reserved)
$100,000 –Chapel Foyer (reserved)
Chapel Stage (reserved)
Chapel Nave (reserved)
Student Center Multipurpose Room (reserved)
$50,000 –Side Chapel (reserved)
Interfaith Chapel (reserved)
Bookstore/Spirit Shop (reserved)
Chellie Club (reserved)
Student Center Meeting Rooms (2 reserved)
West Terrace Small Patio (2 reserved)
West Terrace Accessibility Ramp (reserved)
$25,000 –East Terrace Amphitheatre Seating Section (9 reserved; 3 available)
East Terrace Amphitheatre Green Space (3 available)
West Terrace Lawn Stage
West Terrace Gardens ( 2 available)
East Terrace Gardens (2 available)
$10,000 –Chapel Pews (19 reserved; 19 available)
Stone Ledge (5 reserved; 35 available)
Student Lounge Window Seats (1 reserved; 3 available)
$5,000 –East Side Trees (3 available)
West Side Trees (3 available)
Large Terrace Pavers
$2,500 –Mid-size Terrace Pavers
$1,000 –Small Terrace Pavers
   $500-Terrace Bricks

As of May 1, 2020

Every gift to Cottey College is meaningful, regardless of size. Your generosity and willingness to invest in our college will ensure that Cottey’s tradition of providing a dynamic campus experience will continue to enrich its students and community.

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