Dorothy Vanek

Cottey Connection

Dorothy Vanek is a P.E.O. member and lifelong philanthropist. Her mother, two aunts and two cousins are also P.E.O. members and she credits the Sisterhood with introducing her to Cottey College.

Her Story

When she heard about Cottey’s need for a softball field at 2011’s P.E.O. International Convention in St. Louis, she thought, “That’s silly; I could do that, so I did,” contributing to the effort. The school already had the land and the groundbreaking was arranged for Friday, timed for when the alumnae would be in Nevada for Founder’s Weekend. Vanek said she would return for the first game played on the new field, and she was true to her word, coming for the dedication of the field bearing her family’s name.

Why Give to Cottey?

“It’s important for P.E.O. members to take an interest in what’s going on at Cottey, to ensure its future as a women’s college.”

Three Favorite Things

Women can concentrate on school. And Cottey has a ratio of 10 students to one teacher, and you just don’t find that. It’s for women, owned by women and run by women. That’s an advantage over other schools. Having my family remembered by honoring them with the softball field is a joy beyond words.

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