Blaine and Marian Shull

Cottey Connection

The Shulls learned about Cottey through P.E.O. Blaine’s mother who was a long time P.E.O. introduced her daughter-in-law, Marian, to the organization. Marian felt a connection to Cottey College because one of the sisters in her chapter had a mother and sister who attended Cottey.

Their Story

After hearing about Cottey from their Chapter for many years, the Shulls were travelling across the country and decided to stop to visit the College. They were familiar with many Cottey administrators and students, and had heard so many wonderful things that they decided to make it part of their trip. Everything about Cottey exceeded their expectations and their appreciation for the school grew deeper.

Why Give to Cottey?

“We were so impressed with the school, the standards that were set and the education that they were providing. It was originally our intent to remain anonymous donors but we feel that Cottey is such a jewel that it needs to be talked about. So whenever we get a chance to talk about it, we do!”

Three Favorite Things

The bright, interested, talented, and enthusiastic students. Impressed to see the small classrooms and their broad scope of educational excellence. The involvement of students in the arts, sports, academics, and international involvement.

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