Rebecca Christen Pohlad ’75

“Cottey College is such a unique institution where three hundred women get together to receive a top education. I believe in its purpose, its goals and the quality of education.”

Cottey Connection

Rebecca learned about Cottey from her mother’s P.E.O. chapter sisters. The small college appealed to her, and she instantly fell in love with Cottey.

Her Story

Most of my high school friends selected colleges close to home. They often would mention how homesick they were. Here I was, four states away, making that transition, but Cottey proved to be such a warm and nurturing place that I didn’t want to leave.

Why Give to Cottey?

I wanted to give to Cottey so that other women could have the experience that Cottey gave to me. I wanted to pay it forward, to help provide a foundation that will continue to give to someone else.

Three Favorite Things

Living in the suites was such an amazing experience for me. As I went on to get my degree, I experienced living in the dorm or living in an apartment and even being in a sorority, but nothing ever came close to the feeling of living in the suites. I don’t know if I realized it at the time, but there is such value in attending a women’s college.

It’s so important for young women to have their own time and education. I really value the small class size where professors get to know you and you get to know them. We didn’t find out about our grades by looking at a list posted on a wall; we learned it from our professors directly.

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