Student Aid Emergency Fund

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The first week in March the administration at Cottey College made the difficult decision to cancel the spring break trips to Munich and Poland for sophomore level students. The wisdom of their decision was validated when travel from these countries to the United States became restricted. Thankfully, Cottey avoided a difficult situation.

As the number of coronavirus cases has continued to grow exponentially, the administration was forced to make another difficult decision in the best interest of the College. Students who left for spring break will not return to campus, those students already on campus may remain, and faculty have been asked to move to alternative instruction for the remainder of the semester.

As we know, Cottey College will do its very best to support and care for its students in this difficult time. These considerations entail additional costs, some of which include

  • The students who were forced to stay on campus when their spring break trip was cancelled required
    • Dining services
    • Housekeeping services
    • Entertainment costs as the College did its best to make sure these students felt like they received some semblance of a spring break
  • Alternative/online instruction will require
    • Textbooks, laptops, and other academic supplies to be shipped to students
    • Some students and faculty will have to be provided with laptops or other technical support to participate in online instruction
    • A portion of housing fees may need to be refunded
  • The College expects unforeseen healthcare expenses
  • Additional supplies and protective equipment will be required

With the outpouring messages of “What can I do?” and “How can I help,”  the Student Aid Emergency Fund has been established. Your generosity and sincere desire to care for the well-being of each and every member of our community is inspiring.


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