The Stockard Society

Virginia Alice Cottey in 1885

The future of education for women made real was what Virginia Alice Cottey envisioned when she set out to achieve her lifelong ambition of founding a school for girls and young women.

Since 1884 when the doors to the school first opened, the College has grown and prospered. Today Cottey attracts students from across the United States and from around the world.

The excellent educational and leadership opportunities available to Cottey students are made possible by people with the same foresight as our founder. Through estate gifts, many friends of the College have provided funds to launch new programs; endowed scholarships, established library and cultural funds, and helped construct new spaces for teaching and learning.

To show appreciation, Cottey College created the Stockard Society to recognize the visionaries who include the College in their wills and estate plans. While some donors chose to remain anonymous, the College commissioned a donor wall to honor those who share their name to inspire others. New names will be added to this wall each year. If you are interested in discussing a planned gift, please email us at advancement@cottey.edu.

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