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Internships and Volunteering

Internships and Volunteering



An internship is a great way to get early job experience as well as make valuable networking connections. Internships are available throughout the year with a variety of businesses, organizations and non-profit agencies. A successful internship provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom learning to the workplace. Employers and graduate schools value students who have put classroom concepts and skills to work in a “real world” environment as being both realistic and productive.

An internship database is available in the Kolderie Center with information on both established and potential internships for Cottey students. Past internships include:

  • Nevada Regional Medical Center
  • Nevada Daily Mail
  • Missouri Veteran’s Commission
  • Nevada Police Department
  • Missouri Probation and Parole
  • Missouri Department of Social Services \ Children’s Division
  • Auburn Pharmacy
  • Interior Motives
  • Murphy’s Family Ventures
  • Nevada R5 School District
  • 54 Veterinary Clinic
  • Moore Few
  • Heartland
  • Nevada Housing Authority

Cottey students have participated in internships with national and international corporations as well.

DEFINITION: An internship is a supervised work experience, related to a student’s major or area of career interest, with intentional learning goals. It is monitored by a faculty member and an internship site supervisor and offers course credit. Because they earn course credit, internships are often unpaid.

CREDIT: Cottey awards 1-3 credits for internships. No more than 4 credits for Associate candidates and 12 credits for Bachelor candidates will count towards graduation. The tuition cost for a summer internship is $85 per credit hour.

ELIGIBILITY: Students eligible to participate in an internship must have first-year, second-semester or second-year standing by the beginning of the internship AND have a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

ENROLLMENT: To enroll in an internship at Cottey College, the student needs to complete the following:

  • Visit the Kolderie Center for information on internship sites.
  • Obtain the Student Handbook for Internships
  • Select a faculty member who wishes to supervise the internship experience.
  • Work with faculty sponsor and internship site supervisor to complete the Internship Learning Contract.
  • Obtain an Add Form from Academic Records during registration or during add period.
  • Submit completed Internship Learning Contract and Add Form to Kim Severance for approval by the Cottey College Academic Committee.

GRADING: The internship experience will be graded as Pass/Fail. The faculty sponsor will award academic credit once the internship and evaluation have been completed. Students will submit an Internship Activity Log as documentation of their activities. The employer will submit an evaluation of the student intern and the student will evaluate the internship experience.

For more information on internships, contact Kim Severance, Director of Career Services at 417-667-6333, ext. 2184.

To establish an internship opportunity for a Cottey student, please complete and submit the Internship Position Description form to:

Kim Severance
Director of Career Services
Cottey College
1000 Austin Blvd
Nevada, MO 64772
Phone: 417-667-6333 x2184


Volunteering provides an excellent avenue for interested Cottey students to explore career options while helping the residents of the local community. Volunteer experiences give students an advantage in internships, scholarships, and in job placement. Students can volunteer almost anywhere.

Pictured is Kalina Jurkowski, 2016 Newman Civic Fellow


Popular volunteer sites include:

  • Local elementary and middle schools
  • Nevada Parks and Recreation
  • Council on Families in Crisis-Moss House
  • Vernon County Historical Society
  • Nevada Regional Medical Center
  • Moore-Few Care Center
  • Healthy Nevada
  • Clark Residential Care Center

Individualized placements can be arranged based on student needs. Students interested in volunteering can check out these local volunteer sites or visit the Kolderie Center, located in the Rubie Burton Academic Center, room 164.

For more information about volunteer opportunities for Cottey students, please contact:

Kim Severance
Director of Career Services
Phone: 417-667-8181 x2184


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