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Watch the 139th Opening of the College ceremony live. Saturday, August 20 at 7 p.m.


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Explore your interests, express your passions, and show your abilities to the world with like-minded women as a member of one or more of 40 clubs, teams and student-supported organizations.

The women who come to Cottey aren’t looking for an easy path for a degree. They are looking for an experience that enables them to discover their passions, find their voices and achieve their goals—both academically and socially.

Abigail Baumgartner Class of ‘19

My professors invested in me and each one of my classmates. The English degree at Cottey is high quality, it is personal, and it will prepare you for life.

Aimee Young Class of ‘14

The English program offered intensive work in focused areas; immersing myself in each topic was amazing. Generally, Cottey's quality is unmatched.

Taylor Jordan Class of ‘24

Cottey allowed me to double-major in Theatre and Biology. Singing and acting is my dream, and Biology is my backup plan. You can have multiple plans coming to Cottey.