Experience a 360° View of Leadership

We believe there’s a leader in everyone. The key is understanding the kind of leader you are. Is your leadership style charismatic, participative, situational, transactional, transformational, or are you a quiet leader or servant leader? That’s what you learn about yourself at Cottey. You’ll find your style by taking the lead in one of the many clubs and organizations on campus or by participating in our leadership program: Leadership, Experiences, Opportunity (LEO)!

Get Involved

More than 25 clubs and organizations representing a wide range of interests, a veritable leadership lab in which to hone your skills.

Cottey Women Shine

From performers and artists to reporters, engineers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, business women and more, Cottey alumnae make their mark.

LEO. Find Your Roar.

LEO (Leadership, Experiences, Opportunity) is a four-level leadership certification program at Cottey. In the program, you focus on the leadership aspects of the activities you are already doing and attend specially designed events to enhance your leadership skills. You also connect with women leaders both on campus and in the community and complete a community service project. All these are designed to help you to develop your unique leadership style!

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