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The Certificate in Organizational Leadership (COL) is designed to provide an opportunity for students to study the relevant theoretical and academic aspects of leadership while developing individual leadership capacity. The program combines academic coursework with experiential and co-curricular aspects that result in a tangible qualification reflected on the official transcript.

There is no area of study that is immune to the benefit of learning about, practicing and further developing leadership. In an effort to create a structure that will support the development of baccalaureate Leadership courses, an academic program has been developed that creates this alignment. This program is intended to complement the efforts of the LEO (Leadership, Experiences, Opportunity) program designed for associate degree students by providing a tangible outcome that mirrors the balance of academic, experiential and practical learning and development.

Curriculum Overview

Prerequisite for acceptance into the program:

  1. OLS/WGS 102: Foundations in Leadership (introductory course that establishes the interdisciplinary nature of leadership and develops necessary frameworks)

Students interested in obtaining a COL will submit a brief registration to the Serenbetz Institute for the purpose of adequately tracking information and to ensure program requirements are met. Upon acceptance to this non-competitive program, students will complete the remainder of the curriculum.

Two required courses:

  1. OLS 420: Leadership Theory and Practice
  2. PHI 205: Ethics OR PHI 210: Human Nature and Society

One Elective Course (selected from the following and offered on a rotating basis):

  1. OLS 315: Leadership for Social Change
  2. OLS 320: The Leader Within
  3. OLS 340: Team Leadership & Group Dynamics

Ancillary Requirements:

  1. Submission of two (2) independent reflection projects (including creative pieces) focused on personal leadership experiences that address growth/learning in relation to women’s leadership, social responsibility and global awareness.
  2. Development and implementation of a Leadership Development Plan (LDP) that will be used each semester the student is in an upper division leadership class within the program (and other semesters as the student elects to participate).

Connection to Cottey College’s Learning Outcomes

Learning OutcomeCertificate Aspects
1. Recognizes the Roles of Women
A Cottey student demonstrates understanding of women’s past, current, and developing contributions.
Each OLS course within the COL will explicitly focus on the role and scope of women in a leadership context. Through participation in the program, each student will develop a better understanding of her own leadership capacity. The collective experience will provide insight into the need and potential for women leaders, and a better understanding of the state of leadership for women.
2. Enriches Her Knowledge
A Cottey student demonstrates understanding of ideas from a variety of academic disciplines.
Each OLS course within the COL is interdisciplinary as a result of the variety of disciplines that influence the field of Leadership Studies (including Philosophy, History, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Business, Education, Public Administration, and Political Science). By virtue of taking courses in leadership, students will enhance their understanding of the topic from a variety of academic disciplines and ancillary requirements.
3. Thinks Critically
A Cottey student explores issues before accepting arguments or forming conclusions of her own.
Students engaged in the COL will participate in courses that require the development of critical thinking skills, as these are necessary for any leadership role. The emphasis on 3rd and 4th year students will provide an opportunity for development of these skills at a higher level within OLS courses and required reflection activities.
4. Communicates Effectively
A Cottey student uses appropriate means to communicate clearly.
Communication is a fundamental aspect of any leadership program. Both the technical skill of effective communication and the understanding of the importance of the craft are addressed throughout the leadership curriculum. Students pursuing the COL will be engaged in OLS courses and ancillary requirements that enhance student skills in developing and delivering visual and oral communication messages regarding their learning.
5. Solves Problems
A Cottey student creates solutions, integrating and applying knowledge and skills across areas of study and experience.
Problem solving is directly correlated with the role of a leader and the process of leadership. The fundamental aspect of leadership is developing a shared vision, and problem solving is required for the vision to take shape. This aspect is incorporated into all OLS courses within the COL and a consistent aspect of ancillary requirements.
6. Respects Diversity
A Cottey student is attentive to cultural contexts, compares and contrasts patterns, and respects differences.
Leadership does not happen in a vacuum, and the ability for a leader to be inclusive of all group members is essential. Multiple courses and experiences within the COL connect to this outcome, particularly as it relates to the Institutes themes of Social Responsibility and Global Awareness.
7. Collaborates Successfully
A Cottey student respectfully engages others to foster a supportive environment, and contributes ideas and effort to advance the work of a group.
Teamwork and effective collaboration are essential in any leadership relationship. This is one of the primary outcomes of the COL. In addition to a specific course focusing on Team Leadership and Group Dynamics, each OLS course and the ancillary requirements of the COL places an emphasis on team activities and group assignments that directly enhance this outcome.
8. Acts Responsibly
A Cottey student is reflective and acts ethically as a personally and socially responsible member of global, national, and local communities.
Due to the focus of the Serenbetz Institute on Social Responsibility and Global Awareness, this is another essential outcome for the COL. Each OLS course that is part of the COL includes aspects that emphasize responsibility for individuals and the communities (local, national and global) that students are involved with and responsible for.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the COL program, students will have:

  1. A better understanding of leadership, demonstrated by the development of a Leadership Portfolio that includes both academic and practical applications of the concept.
  2. Heightened self-awareness, as demonstrated by tangible growth through ongoing use of a Leadership Development Plan.
  3. Practical experience in leadership, gained through a Leadership Immersion or other leadership experience, that has been reflected on to enhance leadership capacity.

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