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Leadership, Experiences, Opportunity (LEO) Certification

The Leadership, Experiences, and Opportunity (LEO) certification program, modeled on the Leadership Identity Development Model, is a four-level leadership certification program providing students opportunities to explore and enhance their leadership philosophy and skills. The learning objectives of the LEO program are to be able to identify and develop a personal leadership style; introduce students to a network of successful women leaders; broaden student exposure to new experiences, ideas, and cultures through engagement on the Cottey campus; and develop leadership skills that are transferable to personal life, community service, and future careers/professions. A personalized approach rich in hands-on experience includes participation in enrichment events, field trips, community service, and the opportunity to build relationships with fellow student leaders make the LEO program distinctive.

Leadership Immersions

Leadership Immersions involve intensive academic study or personal enrichment travel experiences that relate directly to the areas of women’s leadership, social responsibility, and/or global awareness. Funds are available to individual students or groups of students who have declared a baccalaureate major, with preference given to faculty-led experiences.

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Summer Leadership Internships

Funds are made available to students who have declared a baccalaureate major to focus on an in-depth exploration of leadership from within a community, governmental, political, or non-profit organization. Students are expected to develop meaningful internship experiences in partnership with identified supervisors. Students showcase their experience at a campus presentation in the fall following the internship.

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Undergraduate Research Grants

Grants are made available to students and faculty to focus on research projects related to the study of leadership and leadership development within their academic discipline. Undergraduate research funding is designed to support students who have declared a baccalaureate major and are poised to make an intellectual or creative contribution to her discipline.

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Leadership-Related Conferences

The following are some conferences relevant to women’s leadership, social responsibility, and/or global awareness. These conferences may be appropriate for leadership immersion experiences or for presenting research.

National Leadership Conferences – participation opportunities

National Leadership Conferences – presentation opportunities

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