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Mathematics Minor

Mathematics Minor

Program Description

Mathematics is the study of quantitative relationships. Major branches include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, probability, and statistics. Math minors develop the ability to explore, conjecture, and reason as well as use math to solve complex problems. Cottey alumnae have been successful in diverse areas including actuarial science, chemical engineering, dentistry, mathematics, meteorology, operations research, physical therapy, veterinary medicine and science/math teaching.

Why Cottey’s Mathematics Minor is Unique

Instruction in Cottey’s mathematics courses is provided by experienced faculty members for whom teaching is a full-time responsibility. Class sizes of 12-22 in lower-level courses allow them to become familiar with individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. Students and faculty may develop close working relationships in second-year courses, where classes are even smaller. Outside of class, the instructors are regularly available to work with students individually to help them learn course material.

To Learn More About Cottey’s Mathematics Minor, Contact Our Faculty!

Dr. Jorge Dioses, Program Coordinator

417-667-8181, ext 2209