Martin Luther King Day of Service

Dear Students,

In an effort to honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to advocate for the importance of social responsibility, the students, faculty and staff of Cottey College will celebrate and participate in Martin Luther King Day of Service on Monday, January 21, 2019, beginning at 1 p.m.

As you know, Cottey College seeks to educate women to be contributing members of a global society. Through the support and mentorship of numerous PEO Chapters, Cottey’s existence is based upon service to others.  Service is an integral component to a Cottey education.

Since Nevada is home to Cottey, the College’s impact on this rural community and its surrounding area is economic, social and cultural. The service provided by students, staff and faculty plays an important role in the success of vital community programs.

That’s not the end of the story though. Students, faculty and staff are known for service to those in need worldwide. Several of our MLK Day of Service projects reflect this commitment.

Please join us in our celebration of service to others by signing up to participate in the 2019 Martin Luther King Day of Service.  In order to sign up, please see the MLK Day of Service Schedule and Service Project Descriptions.  Remember when you sign up you are committing to your participation in the entire event.  Together we can and will forge positive change, in the lives of others, locally and beyond.

2019 MLK Day of Service Committee

Cottey College
Martin Luther King Day of Service
Monday, January 21, 2019



1:00-1:30                              MLK DAY OF SERVICE KICKOFF-All Participants

Cottey’s Commitment to Service, Cottey Chapel
Dr. Erica Sigauke                               

1:30-2:30 p.m.                   Service Learning Orientation and Preparation

Develop awareness for the service learning that will take place in the afternoon.  Facilitators will provide a history/background of the project including the need for and purpose of the service taking place.  Discussion will include planning and implementing the service learning project.  Each session will pick two students to report back to the entire group during the reflection dinner at 5 p.m.

  1. Sarah Quick, Prof. Karen Polon-Gardening as Community Engagement, RBAC 162
  2. Sarah Quick, Rowan Rushing (SAVE)-Waste on Campus and in the World, RBAC 107  
  3. Julie Tietz-STOMP, Fairground Estates, (Meet outside Chapel)
  4. Melody Denny-Writing for Social Justice, RBAC 156
  5. Renee Hampton/Dr. Erica Sigauke-Cross Generational Sharing, RBAC 158
  6. Brenda Ross-Defining Service in an International Context, RBAC 214
  7. Carol Gallagher-Creating a Better Nevada, RFAB 111
  8. Denise Hedges-Empowering Future Leaders, CWL
  9. Courtney Trautweiler-Inspiring Children Readers-Library
  10. Megan Corrigan-Hunger Matters, RBAC 116
  11. Dr. Mary Mba-Cultural Interaction as Service, RFAB 112

2:30-4:45 p.m.                   Service Learning Action

During the second session, students will provide some aspect of community service, determined by the type of project each session offers.  This session will be interactive and provide an opportunity for hands-on learning.

5:00 p.m.                             MLK Day of Service Reflection Dinner

Service Learning Wrap-Up, Raney Dining Room

Reflection:  Two student representatives from each project will report back to the entire group.

Cottey College
Service Project Descriptions


Please read the descriptions and sign up for a session

  1. Dr. Sarah Quick, Prof. Karen Polon, Grayce Navratil-Gardening as Community Engagement

Students will be introduced to community gardens as places for enrichment and even sites for social justice in terms of health, recreation, biodiversity and food insecurity. After we think about our food system and how community gardens can potentially alter some of our food system woes, students will learn about gardens locally, on our campus and in the region. For service, students will work in one of the campus gardens, literally ‘getting their hands dirty’ while gaining skills in gardening care and learning about what we can plant in January.   sign up

  1.   Dr. Sarah Quick, Rowan Rushing, (SAVE)-Waste on Campus and in the World

Are you interested in what happens to all our stuff once categorized as “waste” and the environment more generally? Are you interested in how waste circulates locally and globally? This service activity will consider the global world of waste and its study (sometimes called garbology). For service, students will do some hands on analysis on what might be improved on our campus through trash and recycling audits. sign up

  1.   Dr. Julie Tietz-STOMP, Fairground Estates

STOMP (Students That Open Minds to Possibilities) is a sustainable program for at-risk, children.  STOMP aims to expose economically disadvantaged children to the possibilities the world has to offer by inspiring them to set and accomplish high goals, and to make a difference in their community.  STOMP is attended by children in grades K-5. sign up

  1. Dr. Melody Denny-Writing for Social Justice, RBAC 156

In the Writing for Social Justice session, students will do their “service” by writing letters to government leaders. The session includes a four-part task: brainstorming, research, writing, and revising with the assistance of the Writing Tutors. sign up

  1. Renee Hampton/Dr. Erica Sigauke-Cross-Generational Sharing, RBAC 158

Cross-Generational Sharing is designed to reach across generational divides by fostering mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect.  During this service project, volunteers will experience simulated, sensory and mobility deprivation activities to gain an understanding of the challenges faced by senior citizens on a daily basis.  Afterwards, volunteers will travel to Moore-Few Care Center for sharing and socialization with senior residents.  sign up

  1. Dr. Brenda Ross-Defining Service in an International Context

Through group discussion, we will learn about the concepts of charity and service and explore how to differentiate between the two when considering international service trips. Our discussion will focus on serving people as they wish to be served and changing ourselves as a form of service. We will also talk a little bit about why people go on service trips and what I have experienced from multiple trips to the Guatemalan highlands, including a growing understanding of the concept of liberation theology. The activity will end with pricing and selling items brought back from Guatemala to support the education of Guatemalan Maya girls and women. sign up

  1. Dr. Carol Gallagher-Creating a Better Nevada

 Society is more polarized and civil conversation is a rarity – in this time, we need to come together to make our community better.  Join your neighbors, friends, and others to discuss how we can create a better Nevada.  Cottey students will receive training to facilitate (in pairs) small group conversations around important issues facing Nevada.   For students interested in the topics but not comfortable facilitating, we are also seeking note-takers to keep track of information on flipcharts and possibly a few students to help watch children.  Groups will consist of 2-3 students and 2-7 community members. sign up

  1. Denise Hedges-Empowering Future Leaders, CWL

Empower future leaders to develop confidence and self-esteem in social situations.  Hosted at the Center for Women’s Leadership, volunteers will work with area home school youth teaching everyday social etiquette including introductions and small talk, basic mealtime manners, and thank you writing. sign up

  1. Courtney Trautweiler-Inspiring Children Readers

This service project will help Cottey student volunteers understand the importance of fostering early childhood literacy and instilling a love of reading in children.  This event will take place at Ross Library and welcome a group of community children to visit the library and experience an interactive story hour session. The children will listen to a story read aloud to them and then will participate in story related activities to reinforce comprehension and expand the story into a multi-sensory experience. sign up

  1. Megan Corrigan-Hunger Matters

Hunger Matters will raise students’ awareness of food insecurity in Vernon County. Students will participate in a hunger simulation, where they will be challenged to obtain enough food to feed a family for a week and learn about administrative barriers to federal food aid programs. Afterwards, students will conduct a one-day food drive at Woods Supermarket with educational materials for community members. Donated food will be given to the Community Outreach Nevada Food Pantry. sign up

  1. Dr. Mary Mba-Cultural Interaction as Service

The world is becoming a global village where cultures meet and interact often. Without a healthy cultural interaction, societies and relationships break down into conflicts, chaos and break-ups. Lack of understanding of the “other” leads to suspicion, fear, condescension, and oftentimes, violence. Communicating about and sharing of cultures, even personal ones is a service to humanity as people gain a deeper knowledge and better understanding of the others. Participants and volunteers will be transported to Benton Elementary School where they will act as moderators as well as participants in interactive cultural activities that will include different cultural games, storytelling, songs, and role-playing/simulation of different cultural situations, among others. Then the group will return to Campus and do a reflection on what they did. They will further attempt to define and analyze culture and brainstorm other ways that cultures can interact in a healthy way. Feel free to dress in the fashion sense of the culture you represent with a jacket to keep off the cold. Come with your culture to share!. sign up

Please read the descriptions and sign up for a session.

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