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One of the unique characteristics of Cottey’s residence halls is the suite arrangement. Eight to fifteen students live in each suite, sharing a living room, multi-unit bathroom and kitchenette. The living room, furnished by P.E.O. chapters, alumnae or individual donors, is surrounded by single and double bedrooms.

You will learn a lot about yourself and others by living in a residence hall. Many people are just around the corner when you need a shoulder to lean on or if you just want some friendly advice. Three student resident assistants (R.A.s) and one hall director live in and supervise each hall. The hall staff members are available throughout the year to provide students with assistance.

Living with an unknown roommate can present several challenges. One of the most important steps at the start of any roommate relationship is to communicate your likes, dislikes, boundaries and “rules” for the room. You should discuss such issues as respect of personal property, personal space, sleep, study and relaxation needs.

Communicate and listen with respect! If a conflict arises during the year, an R.A., peer listener or hall director can meet with you and your roommate to discuss the situation and help you come to a solution. Room changes are always a possibility within the options available.

Visitation policies ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the residents. Guests may visit in the parlors during designated visitation hours, and they are allowed in the suite living areas and in student rooms during limited hours. Female guests over 16 years of age are welcome to stay overnight but are limited to three consecutive nights and not more than six nights per semester. Overnight guests are not allowed during Thanksgiving break or the week before and after Founder’s Weekend, or seasonal housing options (i.e. spring break).

Peer Empowerment Program

Peer listeners are returning students who have volunteered to assist you by listening to your concerns and making referrals when appropriate. A listener will not tell you what to do, but she will help you decide on a course of action. Peer listeners are selected and trained and are under the supervision of the director of health services and counseling. Peer assistance is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. Services are free, and listeners are available to talk about any subject, from school and studying to depression, conflict resolution and homesickness. Peer listeners are meant to be an additional choice for students who may feel more comfortable talking to a peer. Students may also talk to R.A.s, hall directors, academic advisors, faculty, the vice president for student life or one of two professional counselors. Cottey personnel and fellow students want to help you grow in your college experience.

Resident Assistants Are Here to Help

Resident Assistants (RAs) are returning students selected to serve in the residence halls. Three RAs per hall, along with the hall director, work to make your residence hall experience so “suite.” You will get to know them as they make daily rounds through the hall. They are on duty on a rotating basis and are excited to welcome you to campus in August. 

Dining at Cottey

Raney Dining Room is located in the lower Dininglevel of Robertson Hall. Meals are available Monday morning through Sunday brunch. A wide variety of items, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free entrees, are available at each meal. Special dietary needs can be accommodated by consulting with the director of dining services. During Sunday brunches and special meals, dressier attire is required. There are a variety of special dining opportunities, including international food bars, formal five-course dinners and make-your-own-omelet and stir-fry bars. Extensive efforts are made to accommodate all tastes and preferences. During Orientation, family members and guests will pay at the door for their meals.

The Chellie Club transitioned to the Entrepreneurial Lab in January 2019. It is now a cafe operated completely by a team of students—from inventory to marketing to taxes to recipe creation—students do it all! The Chellie Club serves Panini’s, sandwiches, specialty coffees, real fruit smoothies, milkshakes, and more! With extended hours, a credit card machine, and support from the Cottey community and others, Chellie Club: An Entrepreneurial Lab is creating opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience by running a business, leading others, and much more! This allows students to grow and create in a flexible way. Whether you are a student worker or perusing an internship, Chellie Club is a space for individuals to come together to work as a team to create something bigger than themselves. The space has a coffee shop feel, now located in the lower level of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Campus Life, the Chellie Club has been given a new life!

Cakes for Cottey

Students, please share this information with your family members and other special folks.

You don’t need to worry about your student celebrating her birthday or any other special occasion while she’s away from home. Members of P.E.O. Chapter DW in Nevada, Missouri, are ready to help! We will bake a cake and deliver it to your student. For $20, you can choose to have either a frosted 9” x 13” rectangular cake or an angel food cake delivered to your student’s residence hall on or near her birthday or other special occasion.

To request a cake, contact Cindy Wynn by mail at 173 Country Club Drive, Nevada, MO 64772, by email at wynncindy@att.net, or call or text her at 417-684-7304. Send your check, made payable to Chapter DW, along with the following information to Cindy Wynn.


  • Student’s name
  • Student’s residence hall or address
  • Student’s birthdate (or other special date)
  • Type of cake (9” x 13” or angel food)

Cake flavor (chocolate, white, or anything else – if we can get it, we will do it!)

Frosting flavor

Your name, mailing address, and telephone number, or email address

Brief message to student for enclosure card

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