Leading and Growing

Learning Leadership at Cottey College

One of the greatest parts about being at Cottey is the focus on developing women leaders. At Cottey, we believe

  • Leadership can be learned.
  • Leadership is not positional and can be practiced by any member of a team.
  • Leadership development and education can benefit everyone.
  • Leadership includes an ethical component designed to benefit the greater good.
  • Leadership is a process that each woman should understand for herself.
  • Leadership is a relational process that involves both leaders and collaborators.

Cottey provides many ways for you to learn and practice leadership including academic and student life programs and the Serenbetz Institute for Women’s Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Global Awareness.

Student organizations are an integral part of the Cottey experience and play a key role in your leadership development. There are numerous recognized student organizations on campus representing a broad spectrum of interests, ideas and activities. Through student participation and leadership, these organizations make significant contributions to the intellectual, cultural, recreational, social and spiritual life of students. Programming assistance, organizational support and leadership information are provided to student organization officers and sponsors.

Area Church Information

Nevada’s 41 Christian churches welcome students to participate in services, Bible study and you activities. Many of them offer rides from Cottey to their churches, and some have a host family program in which families “adopt” a Cottey student. Host families often provide rides to church, friendship, home-cooked meals, shopping trips, and, in general, a home away from home. Many churches will have representatives at the Nevada Community Dinner and Partner Fair during Orientation. A list of churches is here.

Spiritual Life at Cottey

Dr. Erica Sigauke, coordinator of Spiritual Life and Campus Diversity, will help you broaden your horizons, grow in faith and serve the community. You will receive her encouragement throughout your years at Cottey to explore your gifts and embrace the incredible woman you are.

All Cottey students have the opportunity to receive pastoral care and spiritual counseling free of charge. In counseling sessions, Dr. Sigauke shares wisdom, knowledge and compassion.

Dear Students,
I welcome you all to Cottey College!

Our Spiritual Life and Diversity office will be here to support you as you grow and explore your gifts in various ways through your studies, life with your suite mates, impactful diversity activities, social interactions, interfaith programs, and various community outreach programs here at Cottey College.

We all need spiritual support one way or another at times. This could be done in diverse ways according to cultural and personal values with the application or our knowledge and wisdom in Pastoral Care and Spiritual Counseling support. Therefore, we invite you to stop by our offices whenever the need arises.

We also encourage our community to live in harmony by showing love, compassion, respect, and building mutual relationships with empathy. Maintain an open heart, mind, and spirit in support of others when they encounter some life challenges. Topics might include cultural behaviors, diversity, language issues, daily personal practices, or referrals to other support services. No question or discussion is off limits. Confidentiality in our Pastoral Care and Counseling work is our highest priority. We communicate via email in most cases and texting me is also welcome. Information about some of our work can be found on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Face Book and everyone is welcome to all our programs both on and off campus. The Spiritual Life and Diversity Office also values diversity and inclusion.  This is reflected in some of our services that support students such as the provision of free resources like food and clothing from the Food Pantry and the Diversity Closet. Students are welcome to stop by and pick up anything they want from the inventory. Schedules to the pantry and the closet will be provided.

You are welcome to bring to our office some of your cultural ways of healing and grieving so that we may learn from you.

We wish you all the BEST in your studies. Take care of yourself and gain more knowledge through full participation in our initiatives and other educational opportunities.

I may be reached at esigauke@cottey.edu, or by phone at 417-667-6333, ext. 2108. I am located in room 203—2nd floor/Doctor’s Office in Hinkhouse Center. I will be in the Chapel at different times for meditation and prayer sessions. Please join us every other Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Chapel basement or Gazebo for our drum circle and social hour.

You are welcome to call or text me at 651-230-5365.
Email: esigauke@cottey.edu

Blessings, Peace and Love!
Dr. Erica Sigauke

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