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Spanish Minor

Spanish Minor

Program Description

The Spanish program at Cottey College is designed to help students develop language skills and a cultural appreciation and understanding of the Hispanic world. This is achieved through wide-ranging studies of cultural histories and current societies. Through the minor in Spanish, and a variety of other Spanish courses, Cottey provides students with the knowledge to better understand their own culture and language, respect cultural diversity, gain a capacity for critical thinking, and grow as global citizens who are ready to face the challenges a multilingual society offers.

Why Cottey’s Spanish minor is unique.

The Spanish program opens up a world of literature, art, history and cultural studies. Due to small group classes, students receive individualized instruction. Personal instruction enhances their intellectual experience of Spanish language learning, and it makes the learning experience more effective. Many students majoring in other fields combine a Spanish minor or other Spanish courses to expand their professional and intellectual horizons.

Because Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world and, it is logical that a minor in Spanish will help students advance professionally.