Strengthening Cottey Values

The Honor Code of Cottey College defines and expresses the ethical spirit in which we, the members of the Cottey community, pursue the education of women. Recognizing that a community of learning cannot function well without respect for basic moral order, we also understand that the furthering of excellence requires still greater commitments. Thus, in addition to basic moral principles, we also affirm Virginia Alice Cottey’s emphasis on the development of excellent personal character, and the more specific ethical standards of the professional associations that oversee the conduct and quality of higher education. We, the members of the Cottey College community, commit ourselves to act with:

  1. Personal responsibility.
  2. Academic honesty and integrity of word.
  3. Moral respect for persons and their property.
  4. Ethical concern for the good of the College community and the broader society of humankind.

Embracing these ideals, we aim for the ongoing fulfillment of the mission of this college as a center of higher, humane learning.

Core Values

Cottey College’s core values are grounded in tradition and history as set forth by founder Virginia Alice Cottey and supported by the ownership of the P.E.O. Sisterhood. These seven values clarify our identity, past, present, and future.

Educate Women to be knowledgeable and thinking members of a global society.

Promote Intellectual Growth through the study of science, culture, and society, and the development of strong practical skills, including communication, analysis, and problem-solving.

Cultivate Responsibility to encourage positive contributions from women through their personal and professional lives.

Respect Difference by creating a climate of openness and appreciation of a diversity of ideas, perspectives, cultures, experiences, and contributions that comprise a multi-cultural society.

Broaden Global Perspectives by immersing students in new cultures and experiences, and enhancing their understanding of the interconnectedness of our global economy and cultural practices.

Pursue Thoughtful Action by cultivating an atmosphere of inquiry, integrity, honesty and mutual respect.

Develop Women’s Leadership by providing opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, aesthetically, spiritually, and physically in order to realize individual potential.

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