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Cottey Students

College housing provides a unique living experience and environment. Residents come to Cottey from all segments of society, from different cultures and countries, and with varying value systems and life experiences. In this living environment, suitemates and hall residents have an excellent opportunity to develop lifelong friendships. To take advantage of the opportunity, mutual respect and consideration (coupled with an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the needs of others) must be the standard of group living. Being a member of your suite means sharing both the responsibilities and the advantages of suite life. The advantages of living in a suite are many…

  • A beautiful, well-maintained physical environment in which to study, sleep, and live;
  • A wonderful housekeeping staff to help you keep it clean;
  • The opportunity to live with a diverse group of suitemates from many other places from around the country or the world;
  • The opportunity to develop and work on many “people skills”, such as communication, compromise, mediation, addressing conflict, and how to get along with others, even if you may not agree with them;
  • The opportunity to forge solid, loving bonds with suitemates; and
  • Many special events for your suite, such as suite feeds, Suite Night at the Hill and your annual Centennial Dinner.

With advantages, though, come responsibilities. You will be expected to:

  • Communicate concerns, issues, and opinions with others in your suite in a timely, respectful, and open manner with a shared goal of problem solving;
  • Fulfill your share of suite responsibilities, such as suite dishes, writing thank you notes for care packages, or whatever is reasonable and asked of you by your suitemates or suite chair;
  • Keep the suite area free of personal items so that your housekeeping staff may do their job and keep it clean it for you;
  • Every resident should be able to expect consideration and courtesy from roommates, suitemates, and other hall residents.

These expectations include:

  • The ability to read and study free from undue disturbance in one’s room. Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit this expectation.
  • The ability to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guests, or suitemates during night hours.
  • That suitemates will respect one’s personal belongings.
  • Having a clean environment in which to live.
  • Free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from suitemates.
  • Personal privacy.
  • The ability to host guests with the provision that guests are to respect suitemates and other residents.
  • The opportunity to redress grievances. Housing staff members are available for assistance in settling various conflicts.
  • Freedom from intimidation, physical, and/or emotional harm.
  • Reasonable cooperation in the use of one’s living unit physical facilities.

When asked, former Cottey students often mention suite life and the friends they made and the things they learned in the suites as some of their most special memories of Cottey. Your suite experience, like many things in life, will reflect the efforts that you put into it, and the more you invest in suite relationships, usually the bigger your reward.

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