Robertson Hall

Robertson Hall

Hall Director

Blaklee Sanders

Bentonville, Arkansas

Blaklee SandersI have had the opportunity to graduate first with two associate degrees from Cottey College—an Associate of Science and an Associate of Arts. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Cottey. I am currently working on a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Kansas.

I wear a few hats on campus; I am the Robertson Hall Director and the Director of Basketball Operations/assistant basketball coach. This is my third year in Robertson Hall, after previously being the P.E.O. Hall Director. My favorite part about living on campus is having students stop by and visit me and my two cats, Asher and Oreo.

I am looking forward to a great year and new people to meet!

Resident Assistant

Haweni Gurmu

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Haweni Gurmu

I am working toward my B.A. in Business Administration-Management.

My favorite parts of living on campus are late-night chats with my suitemates, movie nights and dining hall conversations.

Resident Assistant

Yustinah Ndambakuwa

Harare, Zimbabwe

Yustinah NdambakuwaI am majoring in biology and minoring in mathematics and chemistry.

My favorite part of living on campus is suite-living, which has afforded me the opportunity to make friends and also to share my Zimbabwean culture. The small campus size is also a bonus because it makes me feel very safe. And, of course, Raney food is the best!

My advice to new students is to make new friends and ask if you have any questions. Cottey has a lot of incredible people, resources and opportunities, please make sure to find those.

Resident Assistant

Geneva (GG) Webster

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Geneva (GG) WebsterI am originally from a small town in Kansas but have been living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the past three years. I love all shapes and sizes of dogs and have two little fur babies of my own! My passions include hiking and canoeing and I have spent every summer in the woods since I was eight. In the future I hope to combine my love of the outdoors and medicine by traveling to other countries to provide medical care for the people who need it most. I am looking forward to meeting you all and I hope you have a wonderful year!

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