Your Hall Staff

Each hall is staffed by one hall director and three second-year residents who have been selected to serve as resident assistants. You will get to know the members of your hall staff well, as they will make daily rounds visiting in your suites. The director of housing/assistant dean of student life, the final member of the hall staff, lives off campus.

Although the members of the hall staff live on a specific floor, each hall team works with all residents in each hall. You will get to know all of your R.A.s and your hall director, not just the one who lives on your floor.

Members of the hall staff will be on duty on a rotating basis. If you need assistance, please check the staff bulletin board near the R.A. Office in your hall to see which hall director or R.A. is on duty.

Cory Walker, former P.E.O. Hall R.A. and former Robertson Hall director, said it best: “The R.A.’s job is to watch out for you in ways you like and sometimes in ways you don’t like.” R.A.s can assist you if you need the answer to a question, be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, give advice, serve as a referral, or assist if you are simply locked out of your room. Another part of their job is to ensure that the rules and regulations are enforced. Residence hall rules and regulations are vital in that they help the hall run smoothly and also ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to sleep, study, and enjoy being a member of the Cottey community.

While we would love to be able to tell you that life in the residence halls is going to be perfect, a realistic view is better. In your suite, you will have the opportunity to live with and learn about others from many diverse backgrounds and cultures from many different locations. In many ways, suite life mirrors family life, and you may have experienced that sometimes even families, who have lived together for years, don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything. Suite life will probably be no different, and you will possibly not always agree with or get along with others in your suite or hall. However, suite living will help you learn and practice the communication and people skills that you will use throughout life.

The residence hall staff is here to listen, assist, refer, and help you through your year. We are excited to meet you and begin the year!

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