Class Traditions

Each class at Cottey has a number of special traditions. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, you’ll have the chance to get involved and represent your class proudly.

Baby Blue

The baby blue sweatshirt is worn by members of the first-year or freshman class.

Campus Work Day

A day set aside in the spring to revitalize the campus.


CSC is the logo for the second-year or sophomore class at Cottey College. It is imprinted on sweatshirts and other Passdown items. Prior to Cottey becoming a four-year institution, the second-year students were called “seniors” because, in early years, the College had grade-school and high-school programs. The students in the junior college were called juniors and seniors. In 1967, many years after the grade school and high school were closed, the juniors came to be called freshmen. With the addition of baccalaureate programs, students and their respective classes are now referred to as both first-, second-, third-, and fourth-year students/classes and/or freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior students/classes.


This logo represents the first-year or freshman class at Cottey College, and it is imprinted on sweatshirts and other items.

Meet the Suites

The residence hall officers organize “Meet the Suites” in their respective residence halls so new students can meet the students from the various suites in their residence hall.


A passdown is any object that is passed down from year to year to be worn, displayed, or used in any fashion. Passdowns are not only pieces of living history but serve to give encouragement and faith in living the Cottey experience.


The four societies are Alphan, Delphian, Emerson, and Magnoperian. In the early days of the College, the societies were organized as literary groups whose members read and discussed great works of literature. Later, the societies were used as a way to divide teams for intramural sports. Today the Inter-Society Council, made up of representatives of each society, coordinates campus events such as Signing of the Cottey Book, Formal Drawing, and Hanging of the Greens. Each society also participates in a volunteer service project and its own fund-raising and recognition activities.


SPUH is a term for a secret pal. Within the residence halls, each current student draws a new student’s name at random. The current student begins leaving friendly and encouraging notes for the new student. Each set of secret pals selects names that they will use to identify themselves, e.g. Peanut butter and Jelly or Gumby and Pokey. The current student decides at which point in the year to reveal her identity. Some new students select a current student as a “reverse spuh,” and the process is reversed. This tradition grew out of the Big Sister/Little Sister tradition of the 1940-50s and was originally between seniors and freshman when Cottey was a two-year college.

Quad-C Week

Quad-C is an acronym for “Cottey College Community Chest.” During Quad-C Week, entertaining activities are organized to raise money for selected charities. Rotaract sponsors this week. This event began at Cottey in the late 1940s as W.S.S.F. Week (World Student Service Fund). From 1954 until the 1970s, it was known as W.U.S. Week (World University Service).

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