The Duck Game

The Duck Game is an informal tradition carried out by students, which is based on a rivalry between classes. Participation in this activity is optional, and the rules and details are clearly presented. The rivalry has its origins in the early years of the College when some “seniors” rescued a duck from the icy pond. The Duck Game, as with most Cottey traditions, has evolved through the years.

Duck Jackets (DJs)

Jackets with a duck painted on the back are worn by members of the second-year or sophomore class. Again, we’re not going to give too much away about how these jackets are created or what happens with them as that’s part of their mystique and a special ritual for students. What we can say is that these jackets get to be pretty elaborate (see the photo gallery), and they’re worn by sophomores during certain traditions.

Professional Jackets (PJs)

PJs are blazers with an owl painted on the back and worn by members of the baccalaureate classes during certain traditions.

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