Food Traditions

We’ve said it before, food is an important part of Cottey life and part of the way we celebrate too. There are a number of traditions tied to food.

Blue & White Luncheon

On the Saturday noon before Commencement, Baccalaureate graduates are honored by the third-year/junior class. Parents and guests of the graduates are invited to attend this special meal.

Centennial Room Dinner

Most suites on campus have the opportunity once every other year to dine in the Centennial Room. A special menu is planned and student dress is semiformal. Centennial Room is the name given to the room in 1984 when it was redecorated in honor of Cottey’s centennial. Prior to 1984, the room had red carpet and dishes and was called “Red Room.” It is the goal of the College that every residential Cottey student shares in this dining experience.

Funeral Dinner

This dinner marks the official end of the Duck Game.  The sophomores keep the details of this tradition pretty close to their vests. Let’s just say it marks the official close to the Duck Game for the academic year.

Saturday Night Suppers

Held usually during Founder’s Weekend or by special arrangement, Saturday Night Suppers are Cottey’s version of The Sing-Off where students sit with their classmates in the dining room and sing class songs back and forth.

Suite Feed

Suite feeds are sometimes held on Sunday evenings in the suites. The students plan and prepare their own meal, spend time together, and just hang out. Suite feeds are held with varying degrees of regularity, depending on the wishes of the students in each suite.

Yellow & White Dinner

On Friday night before Commencement, sophomore graduates are honored by the freshmen class. Parents and guests of the graduates are invited to attend this special dinner.

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