Holiday Traditions

As you might expect, holiday seasons are a special time at Cottey in particular, Halloween and Christmas are memorable on campus.


Halloween is celebrated in the residence halls. Hall officers work together to plan this fun event. Whether a scavenger hunt or haunted house—you are sure to have frightful fun! Halloween might also be your best chance to see Vera, Cottey’s official ghost. In 1920, when Cottey had a high school for women, high school senior Vera Alice Neitzert died tragically on May 17 of severe burns received when her nightgown caught fire while she and friends were making candy in a chafing dish in a suite sitting room in Main Hall. Fifty years later the legend of Vera the ghost took hold when students practicing piano in Rosemary Hall heard strange noises. Even though Rosemary Hall has since been torn down, the fire occurred in Main Hall and Vera died in the hospital in Nevada. The legend of her ghost still remains.

Tearing of the Squares

During the days leading up to finals and winter break, students will gather in the parlor of their respective residence halls each evening to count down the days until winter break begins.


Susprise is a Christmas tradition that is planned by sophomores, juniors and seniors for freshmen.

Hanging of the Greens

In early December, students mark the coming holidays with a weekend of activities that start with a chapel service and the hanging of wreaths decorated by various student organizations. As each wreath is hung at a building, students sing carols. When the final building is adorned, everyone heads to the President’s House for snacks and warm drinks. On Saturday of the Hanging of the Greens weekend, the party gets in to full swing with an awesome buffet dinner that’s followed by a formal dance. The greens hang through finals.

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