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Dottey Cottey

One of Cottey’s most humorous traditions is when the sophomores dress up in their version of the old-fashioned Cottey ideal. Dottey Cottey goes back to 1940 when Doris Kingsbury Gayzagian, Class of 1942, created the character to illustrate a typical Cottey student in the student newspaper. From that time onward, Dottey took on a life of her own, appearing in publications, calendars, note cards. She was incarnated into a doll, and her likeness even appeared on lapel pins. Today seniors dress up as Dottey to emulate their version of the old-fashioned Cottey ideal.


Emanon is a nightclub-style class fund-raiser complete with skits, spoofs of campus happenings, and songs. At this event, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors show their appreciation and love towards the freshmen.. One thing’s for sure…you are bound to laugh.


Serenates occasionally occur in the evening when one class sings to the other class. Songs are both humorous and serious. Serenades can be a touching and sentimental experience and strengthen the bonds among students.

OR, Come evening, don’t be surprised to hear a group of sophomores break out into song in front of a group of freshmen, or to see freshmen singing to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Serenades are a loved tradition at Cottey and can either bring you to tears or make you burst out laughing; either way you’ll love the experience.

Step Sing

Step-Sing is the introduction of second-year/sophomore class songs and the duck as the second-year/sophomore class mascot to the first-year/freshman class. This is where freshmen are let into some of the sophomore and senior class’ secrets. They get to hear the songs for the first time, learn more about the class mascots (the aforementioned duck and OWL) and get a look at those duck jackets and professional jackets.

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