All Women

All Women

The Power of an All Women’s Education

If you want to be in an environment where you feel:

  • more powerful,
  • confident in yourself,
  • inspired to get involved,
  • part of a close community

then a women’s college, like Cottey College, is a great choice. Consider the following facts and your decision should be obvious:

  • Graduates of women’s colleges are more than twice as likely as graduates of coeducation colleges to receive doctorate degrees.
  • Nearly half the graduates of women’s colleges have earned advanced degrees and 81 percent have continued their education beyond college.
  • Graduates of women’s colleges are more successful in careers; they tend to hold higher positions, are happier and earn more money.

Where will you go?

With a track record like we just mentioned, going to Cottey will prepare you to do whatever you want in life.  Don’t believe us? Look at these numbers:

  • On Business Week’s list of the 50 women who are rising stars in Corporate America, 30 percent received their baccalaureate degrees from women’s colleges.
  • 33 percent of the female board members of Fortune 1000 companies are women’s college graduates.
  • Nearly one-fourth of current female congress members attended women’s colleges.
  • One of every seven women cabinet members in state government attended a women’s college.
  • 20 percent of women identified by Black Enterprise Magazine as the 20 most powerful African-American women in corporate America graduated from women’s colleges.

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