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Referral Challenge

Referral Challenge



WHAT: For each prospective student you refer to Cottey, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to the Cottey Bookstore! The more referrals you submit, the more chances you have to win.

WHO: The students must be in the 9th grade or higher during the current academic year, and genuinely interested in learning more about Cottey.

HOW: Submit your referrals online at www.cottey.edu/referstudent and be sure to include your class year.

WHEN: Contest runs from October 1–March 25, 2022. The winner will be announced at Founder’s Weekend during the homecoming celebration and via Facebook.

WHY: Because Cottey needs to grow! Referrals by alumnae are proven to yield more students. And, students who visit Cottey are much more likely to ultimately attend. So, don’t just submit a name, invite students to visit Cottey whether for “C” For Yourself weekend or Summer Workshop or for a tailored individual visit. You get her there and Cottey will get her to stay! Visit www.cottey.edu/visit to help a prospective student schedule a visit. Please submit only the names of students who have expressed genuine interest in learning more about Cottey.

BONUS: The class with the most referrals will receive the Golden Duck award!

Congratulations to the 2020-21 Referral Challenge winner, Laura Pacter, Class of 1992!

Congratulations to the Class of 1992, winner of the Golden Duck!

Tips for referring prospective students to Cottey:

  • Talk about Cottey to every young woman you come in contact with and with and to others who know young women.
    • When you talk to her, focus on the education and the value you gained from your experience rather than specific courses or traditions. Remember, Cottey is evolving as are today’s students.
  • Visit a local high school.
    • Where else do you find young women making decisions about college? Ask your local high school counselor’s office if you can visit and meet with students.
    • Cottey has everything you need to learn what to do, say, and will even send you materials to bring. Just go to www.cottey.edu/promote-cottey.
  • Work with your class agent to motivate your classmates to make referrals.
    • Encourage your classmates to participate in the CCAA’s referral challenge or consider starting your own class challenge.
    • Encourage your class agent to include information and tips about referring students to Cottey in your class letters.
    • Post about recruitment on your class social media pages.
    • Call/email your classmates and talk to them about what they can do.
    • Get together with classmates and schedule a high school visit.
    • Contact alumnae friends who have contact with high school students. Do you know any teachers?

Referring students to Cottey is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It supports our beloved college and serves future generations of women making an impact on our world. Thank you for all you do for Cottey. Let’s fill the halls with fresh young minds and future leaders.

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