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Admission Policy

Cottey Admission Policy Related to Gender Identity ​​

Cottey’s admission policy is consistent with board policy and with state and federal law, and specifically informed by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which allows for single-sex admission policies in institutions of higher education that have historically served women. This policy affirms Cottey’s proud historical tradition as a women’s college and its legacy of providing a community specifically designed for women. 

As a historically women’s college that is gender diverse, Cottey considers for admission those applicants who are legally designated as female or who were assigned female at birth yet who do not identify within the gender binary. Regarding admission, Cottey relies upon the information provided by each student applicant. Once enrolled, a student who completes the College’s graduation requirements will be awarded a Cottey degree regardless of gender identity or expression. 

Adopted by the Cottey Board of Trustees, October 2023