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Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2138

If I were a Cottey student…I would embrace all of the experiences Cottey has to offer and put myself out there to experience new things. Cottey allows young women to experience a once in a lifetime education in a close community with the support of everyone around them.

Favorite spot on campus? The library’s writing center!

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? The determination and encouragement to empower everyone here. Cottey is also an amazing mix of history and contemporary!

Hometown? Nevada, MO

Degree? B.A. Psychology

Best place to visit around Nevada? White Grill

Bucket list item? Visit Venice!

Territories? Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia


Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2133

If I were a Cottey student today… again, I would want to experience all the new things that Cottey has to offer since my time here as a student!

Favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus would have to be the courtyard next to the peace pole. It sits near the middle of the campus so you can relax, swing and just engulf yourself in the Cottey atmosphere.

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? I grew up in a large city and attended a co-ed college prior to attending Cottey– without a doubt I can say what makes Cottey different is how personal it is. You get the ability to know your professors and peers on a personal level and never feel like “just another student in the grade book”.

Hometown? Houston, Texas

Degree? A.S./B.S. Biology

Best place to visit around Nevada? I Don’t Care Tacos!

Bucket list item? See the Northern Lights!!

Territories? Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington


Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2137

If I were a Cottey student today… I would take advantage of as many opportunities offered on campus as I could. Events, activities, seminars, and clubs would all be on my radar.

Favorite spot on campus? Anywhere outside when the weather is nice! Although, my absolute favorite place to study was the top floor of the library at a desk in front of the window facing Austin Blvd.

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? The small community of Cottey makes a world of difference! Its really easy to make friends and get help from professors.

Hometown? Davis, California

Degree? Spanish and Psychology

Best place to visit around Nevada? Radio Springs Park!

Bucket list item? To live in another country for at least a year.

Territories? Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and part of Missouri.

Emma Gurien

Phone: (888) 5-COTTEY, ext. 2239

If I were a Cottey student today… I would take advantage of the international trip offered!

Favorite spot on campus? Chellie Club

What sets Cottey apart from other college and universities? Cottey gives you a more hands-on, personal experience in and out of the classroom. You come here to meet your future bridesmaids!

Hometown? Troy, Tennessee

Degree? BA in Psychology, M.Ed in Sport Psychology

Best place to visit around Nevada? YMCA, I love the community feeling at the gym!

Bucket list item? I want to travel to the Netherlands and Brazil!

Territories? Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine