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Cottey offers a BA and BS in business administration-management and a BS in international business, as well as minors in business and finance.

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Program Description

Business Management 

Cottey business management students learn the traditional theories and strategies of business administration and management with a practical, hands-on approach that prepares them for a career running complex organizations and managing others. Good business managers have strong communication skills, are creative problem solvers, and are precise thinkers who can lay out clear plans for their subordinates.


International Business

This degree program includes foundational knowledge of business operations such as accounting, management, marketing and finance, and extends it through classes in international management, exports policies, and multinational finance to provide a student with a global perspective and understanding. Students will enrich their knowledge of international ethics and social issues surrounding businesses and economic principles around the world.

Signature Courses

  • BUS 315 Operations Management (Bus Mgmt Focus)

    Cottey’s Operations Management course focuses on processes and systems in organizations.  Students perform analysis to determine efficiencies and decrease waste through a variety of methods. They also perform as an operations manager in a computer simulation to apply learning.

  • BUS 425 Topics in Business (Intl Bus Focus)

    This course focuses on current events concerning business that are occurring throughout the United States and world. Students perform industry analysis related to their chosen career field and examine issues, concerns, and opportunities in that field.

  • BUS 480 Strategic Management

    Strategic Management is a senior-level course that focuses on the culmination of business coursework and real-time cases of business decisions from a leadership and global perspective. Students work with real business situations to apply analysis and decision-making scenarios to real problems.

Career Outcomes

  • Career Outcomes

    Business Management
    • Project Manager
    • Marketing Professional
    • Banking Professional
    • Entrepreneur


    International Relations
    • Import/Export Coordinator
    • Trade Specialist
    • Foreign Service Officer
    • Financial Analyst

Minor in Business

  • Program Description

    Cottey’s minor in business offers students the opportunity to study business concepts, no matter their baccalaureate major. Students who minor in business will learn how businesses operate, making these concepts useful in almost any job environment.

    Cottey’s business minor also prioritizes hands-on learning, because applying lessons is the key to understanding them. Our professors have extensive experience in entrepreneurship, funding and starting new businesses, international business, and teaching.

    A minor allows students who have many transfer hours or a student who is focused on a particular degree to use allotted electives to pursue a field of study with focused determination without extending the graduation deadline.

  • Why Cottey's Business Minor is Unique

    Cottey provides a number of opportunities to participate in an on-campus business environment. Students may participate in the management of the Chellie Club, which is an entrepreneurial lab experience, or participate in the LEO (Leadership, Experience, Opportunity) program. These opportunities are available to any student at Cottey, regardless of their major, and show the College’s commitment to helping students create their own incredible futures.

Minor in Finance

  • Program Description

    One of the goals at Cottey is to nurture students as they develop their potential in their personal and professional lives. The minor in finance is for students who wish to pursue careers outside of the field of business, but who have an interest in the finance world. Financial skills are a valuable asset in many job fields. By completing a minor in finance, non-business majors take a step towards creating their own incredible future.

    Please note that students who complete a business major (Business Administration-Management or International Business) may not complete a finance minor.

  • Why Cottey's finance minor is unique.

    A new course in the finance minor, Personal Investing—Stocks and Bonds, gives students an in-depth understanding of stock and bond trading and investing. This course is taught by a finance professional with considerable investing experience, and it gives students access to Cottey’s stock trading lab where they will gain valuable hands-on experience.

Why Cottey’s business program is unique.

Business Management

Cottey’s business management program focuses on applying classroom lessons to real-world situations. Most students participate in an internship—some with local businesses and others at major corporations and governmental agencies. Students have interned recently at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, Target Corporate Headquarters, an agri-business company in Belarus, and many other places.


International Business 

The study abroad portion of the curriculum is a central focus of the Cottey international business program. By studying abroad, students develop a deeper cultural, political, and economic understanding of another country. In the past, our students have studied in Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Thailand.

Additionally, international business at Cottey is a versatile and hands-on program that merges perfectly with the College’s deep commitment to women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness. It is an interdisciplinary degree that can be customized to match student’s goals and aspirations.

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