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Watch the 139th Opening of the College ceremony live. Saturday, August 20 at 7 p.m.


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Intl. Experiences

Travel the world, it’s on us!

We believe every student deserves a global education, and the best way to do that is to travel to another country. At Cottey, sophomore level students (28-56 credits) and transfer students (after completion of 24 credits at Cottey) will have the opportunity to spend the first week of spring break visiting a European city with classmates and faculty, learning about art, history, science and culture.

There is no extra tuition fee for the trip and Cottey pays for your airfare and hotel. You’re only responsible for meals, insurance, and incidentals.


Pictured left: Cottey students traveled to Barcelona, Spain, in spring 2019. Dr. Gary Lunkenheimer, left, and Dr. Tammy Ogren, far right, both business faculty, accompanied the students, as did several other faculty and staff. 

2023 Destination

Cottey students will travel to Vienna, Austria in 2023!


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2024 Destination

Cottey students will travel to Dublin, Ireland in 2024!


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Semester Study Abroad

Some of our baccalaureate students spend a semester or more overseas. They take courses for credit, and develop a truly international perspective. Our students have studied in  Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Africa, Ghana, Spain, France, the UK, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile)  and one spent an entire semester studying at sea, comparing cultures at port cities around the world. You can view more information on our semester study abroad page.

The video below is a nice summation of Cottey’s international experience options, from the international trip to studying abroad.